Pig Industry Fund

All pig owners must contribute $0.20 per head to the Pig Industry Fund when pigs are sold for $20 or more per head. Contributions must be made for sales within and outside South Australia.

The Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development acts as the administrator of the Pig Industry Fund. Pork SA makes recommendations to the minister on spending priorities for the Fund.

Contributing to the fund

The pig vendor is responsible for contributing to the fund unless a collection agent is involved.

Collections agents include:

  • stock agents
  • abattoirs.

Collection agents are responsible for contributing to the fund when they are involved in a sale. Pig vendors must confirm that the collection agent has made a contribution as they may become ineligible to take part in programs sponsored by the Pig Industry Fund if the contribution has not been forwarded.

Producers must complete and return the contribution form and payment within 14 days of the end of each quarter:

  • September
  • December
  • March
  • June.

Collection agents must complete and return the contribution form and payment 14 days after the end of each month.

Contribution forms

Use of funds

Pig Industry Fund is used for sponsoring projects to:

  • improve production efficiency
  • increase producer knowledge
  • provide alternative income sources
  • support the operation of Pork SA.

How to access the fund

Pork SA will invite applications for projects seeking support from the Pig Industry Fund in March, prior to the commencement of the relevant financial year. The invitation will identify the areas that the industry considers to be priorities for project work in that financial period.

The invitation will be published in the Stock Journal.

Requests can be made for refunds of contributions. Refunds can only be requested from the preceding financial year.

To request a refund:

Annual Reports

More information


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Senior Industry Adviser, Agriculture, Food and Wine
Phone (08) 8429 0654
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