Cattle Advisory Group

Transitioning to industry

The Cattle Industry Fund administration and governance is transitioning to Livestock SA in 2019–20.

Information on the new process.

The South Australian Cattle Advisory Group (SACAG) is established under the Livestock Act 1997.

The Group advises the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development on the operation of the Act as it relates to:

  • property registration
  • industry codes of practice
  • vendor declarations
  • relevant regulations.

The SACAG is also responsible for advising the minister on the use of the Cattle Industry Fund.


The Group has 9 members who are appointed by Primary Industries and Regions SA’s (PIRSA) Chief Executive Officer:

  • 6 are selected from the commercial cattle industry and, where possible, represent the:
    • the beef industry sector
    • the pastoral (beef) industry
    • the dairy industry sector
  • 1 member is nominated by Livestock SA.
  • 1 member is nominated by the SA Dairyfarmers’ Association (SADA)
  • 1 member represents the Minister as required by the Act.

Members who represent:

  • cattle industry peak body organisations
  • the Minister

may request the appointment of a deputy.

Term of office

Member terms are up to 3 years. Members may apply for further terms of office.

Nominations for producer representative positions are called by public notice. A Selection Committee will be used to choose a candidate if there are multiple applications.

The Selection Committee includes:

  • the current SACAG Chairperson (or nominated member if the chair has applied for a position)
  • a beef industry representative
  • a dairy industry representative.

Industry organisations must establish their own criteria when choosing nominees.

Casual vacancies may occur as a result of a resignation or death of a member.

These vacancies are filled in a number of ways:

  • Organisations nominate a replacement if their member created the casual vacancy.
  • Open industry positions may be filled by an un-appointed applicant from the last industry call for the position. Applications will be reviewed by a committee including:
    • the current SACAG Chairperson
    • a beef industry representative
    • a dairy industry representative.

The vacancy will be recalled by public notice if there are no suitable applicants.

Members filling a casual vacancy hold office for the remaining term of the member they replaced.

Go to a list of all current SA CAG members.


The Members of the SACAG will elect the Chairperson from within their members.

The office of Chairperson is up to 12 months, dependent on the member’s term of office. The outgoing chair may renominate for this vacancy.


On average 3 – 4 meetings are held per annum. More meetings are held when necessary.


Voting rights accrue to all SACAG members. Members who represent:

  • cattle industry peak body organisations
  • the Minister

may assign this right to their deputy in their absence.

All members of the Advisory Group have the right to lodge a vote with the Chairperson if they will be absent from a meeting.

There must be a minimum of 4 members to conduct a meeting. The 4 members must include two members representing the beef industry sector, and two members representing the dairy industry sector. A quorum cannot be made up of alternatives.

When the SACAG Chairperson is absent the meeting will elect a Chairperson of the day.

The SACAG Chairperson has a deliberative vote. Tied votes will be considered to have lapsed.

A meeting of the SACAG may be conducted by electronic communication.

Cattle Advisory Group Annual Reports


Luke Fitzgerald
SACAG Executive Officer
GPO Box 1671
Adelaide SA 5001
Phone: (08) 8207 7930

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