Moving cattle within South Australia

Any cattle movement between South Australian properties with different Property Identification Codes (PIC) is called a property to property transfer. They must be reported to the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) database by the owner of the cattle at the destination property within two working days.

Property to property transfers include:

  • Moving cattle between any two properties with different PIC codes.
  • Cattle purchased privately.
  • Moving cattle to and from lease or agistment properties.

How to move cattle within South Australia

Moving cattle and buffalo requires:

  1. Updating the NLIS database.
  2. Movement documentation.

Updating the NLIS database

You can update the NLIS by 1 of the following:
  1. Updating the database online. Go to the NLIS website for account set-up and transfer instructions. All transfers require the individual animal identification number, consignment and destination PICs, NVD serial number, and movement date.
  2. Update by a third party online. All third parties transferring cattle must have an NLIS account and be authorised by you. Go to the NLIS website for a third party authorisation form (Form E).
  3. Complete ‘Form A’ livestock movement form. Each form can be used to transfer 20 cattle. Request a form by phoning the NLIS Database Helpdesk on 1300 654 743. Fees apply.

Movement documentation

All cattle and buffalo property to property transfers must include either of the following documents:

  1. National Vendor Declaration. These are the most commonly used form. Use the National Vendor Declaration when cattle movement involves a change of ownership. Register and get forms from Meat and Livestock Australia or phone 1800 683 111.
  2. Cattle and Buffalo Alternative Movement Waybill. Download the Alternative Cattle and Buffalo Movement Waybill (PDF 253.5 KB or DOC 83.5 KB). These can usually be used for non-transaction movements.
Page Last Reviewed: 13 Feb 2015
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