Cattle Industry Fund approved projects 2019-20

The Minister has approved the release of $667,982 from the Cattle Industry Fund in 2019-20 for programs and projects to benefit South Australia's beef and dairy cattle industries as recommended by the SA Cattle Advisory Group as follows:

Efficient and sustainable production

  • Red Meat and Wool Growth Program - $90,000
  • Farm Biosecurity and Endemic Disease Management Program - $69,550

Maintaining market access and securing new markets

  • National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) Compliance Program – Cattle - $260,932

Industry advocacy

  • Livestock SA Contribution - $200,000
  • SA Dairyfarmers Association Contribution - $45,000

Business management and skills development

  • SA Junior Heifer Expo 2019 - $2,500

In addition to the above program and project funding, the Minister has also approved expenditure from the Cattle Industry Fund in 2019-20 for fund administration, advisory group expenses, refund payments and funding provisions relating to the transition of governance and administration to Livestock SA.

Details of actual fund expenditure will be published in the 2019-20 Cattle Industry Fund Annual Report and made available on the PIRSA website once this report has been tabled in Parliament.

Page Last Reviewed: 04 Nov 2019
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