American Foulbrood detection on Kangaroo Island 2020

American Foulbrood AFB was detected during routine testing of a sample of Kangaroo Island (KI) honey in mid-May 2020.

AFB is a highly infectious disease of honeybees caused by the bacterium Paenibacillus larvae.

KI is a declared reservation for the European honeybee subspecies Apis mellifera ligustica (commonly known as the Ligurian or Italian honeybee), and it is an offence to introduce honeybees onto the Island.

Additionally, it is an offence to introduce honeybee products, hive materials, equipment and/or appliances onto the Island.

Assistance sought from the public and apiarists

Biosecurity SA is now conducting an initial delimiting survey of the KI honeybee population in an effort to contain and eradicate the disease, and asks the public and KI apiarists for their assistance.

Everyone can help by ensuring no bee products (including honey and wax), beehives, bees, beehive material and equipment are brought onto the Island.

Apiarists are asked to inspect all hives for notifiable pests and diseases. AFB is a notifiable disease. If you suspect a case of American Foulbrood, report it immediately to an Apiary Inspector:

Michael Stedman
Project Coordinator, Apiaries
Phone: (08) 84290872 or 0408 812 698

More information

For further information on the AFB detection on KI:

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