There are no mandatory requirements for alpaca identification.

All properties with one or more alpacas must have a Property Identification Code. See our livestock property registration page for more details.

Moving alpacas within South Australia

Alpacas can be moved within South Australia without restriction.

Alpaca owners can voluntarily use the National South American Camelid Declaration and Waybill.

Moving alpacas to South Australia from interstate

All alpacas moving to South Australia from interstate must be accompanied by a National South American Camelid Declaration and Waybill.

It is prohibited to move alpacas to South Australia from interstate that are:

  • infected
  • suspect
  • under surveillance

for Johne’s disease without permission from the South Australian Chief Inspector of Stock.

Alpaca health

Johne’s disease

Alpacas can become infected with Johne’s disease.


  • weight loss
  • diarrhoea
  • death.


Report any suspicions of Johne’s disease in your alpacas immediately to:

  • Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888
  • your private veterinarian
  • nearest animal health adviser or government veterinarian officer.

For more information see our reporting animal disease page.

Johne’s disease Market Assurance Program

Alpaca owners can choose to register with the Ovine Johne’s Disease Market Assurance Program.

The Alpaca Market Assurance Program can:

  • make alpaca movement easier
  • show the health of a flock
  • advertise Johne’s disease free status to potential alpaca buyers.

Learn more about the Alpaca Market Assurance Program on the Animal Health Australia website .


The Q-Alpaca Program is a voluntary quality assurance program run by the Australian Alpaca Association (AAA) Animal Health, Husbandry, and Welfare Reference Group for voluntary use by members, and fully endorsed by all state and federal animal health authorities.

For more information or to apply to be part of the program visit the Australian Alpaca Association website.

Alpaca health resources

Alpaca – the impact of legislation on husbandry practices.

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