Aquaculture public register

The Aquaculture Public Register provides a map-based view of South Australia’s aquaculture lease and licence sites and associated information. This register is delivered via the AgInsight South Australia information portal.

Go to the aquaculture public register.

The information available for any lease, licence or application includes:

  • registration number
  • registration type
  • geographic coordinates
  • lessee/licensee information
  • area of site in hectares
  • date granted
  • expiry date
  • registration status
  • approved species
  • approved farming method
  • conditions.

How to use the aquaculture Public Register

When you first enter the Public Register you will be presented with a map of South Australia displaying key marine areas. More detailed information appears as you zoom in.

You can use the:

  • LOCATION SEARCH box near the top of the screen to:
    • find and zoom to a specific site by typing in its Registration Number
    • find towns, postcodes or addresses.
  • DATA LAYERS tool to turn data on and off.
  • LEGEND tool to help interpret the map.
  • SELECT FOCUS tool to:
    • describe sites of interest
    • get information about a site, its neighbours and its corresponding environmental monitoring reports
    • save information in spreadsheet XLS or comma-separated values CSV formats.
  • MAP DATA menu to add other map layers.
  • BOOKMARK tool to:
    • save and retrieve your own maps
    • share your maps with colleagues.

Basic layer management  allows you to filter information presented on the map.

You can print the information displayed using your browser.

Public Register availability

The Public Register presents data extracted from internal business systems at the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA).

The data will be refreshed after close of business on each working day. You are advised to check with PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture if there is any doubt with information currency. The Public Register should reflect the authoritative registration information as at close of business on the previous business day.

The Public Register has been developed to provide the community with 24x7 access to aquaculture registration information. There may be technical issues that impact on this availability.

Page Last Reviewed: 31 Oct 2017
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