Technical Reports

Published 1982-2000

Technical Reports are a series of comprehensive and descriptive reports on a wide range of research and extensions topics. They cover a vast array of topics and contain information about specific research projects, surveys, study tours, training material, conference proceedings, and investigations into the performance of industry projects. The principle audience is agency research and advisory staff, and other persons serving agricultural industries.

NumberTechnical Report TitleDateAuthor/s
1Agriculture in South AustraliaMarch 1982Department of Agriculture
2Annual Report to Pig Producers 1982May 1982Department of Agriculture
3Australian Merino Society Tour of South America1981B.C. Jefferies
4Study Tour Report - Computer Use in the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries (N.Z)April 1982J.H. Richardson
5Control of 'Heliothis Punctiger' on Field CropsJuly 1982P.T. Bailey, G. Caon, P.I. McCloud, R. Britton
6Agronomic Evaluation Report - Irrigated Sugar Beet in the South East of SAAugust 1982T.D. Potter, D.C. Lewis
7Glasshouse Vegetable Production in Western Europe - Overseas Study Tour ReportSeptember 1982B.W. Philp
8Report of the Vegetable Research Conference, New ZealandSeptember 1982I.S. Rogers
9An Input-Output Model of the Southern Australian Dryland Farming System, (1) Model DevelopmentOctober 1982G.J. Ryland
10Selenium in Barley and Grain Legumes From Kangaroo IslandNovember 1982R.L. Davies
11Research Priorities in the Economics DivisionNovember 1982Working Party to the Research Policy Advisory Committee
12Study Tour of Agricultural Waste Management Practices in Southern New South Wales and VictoriaNovember 1982C.M. Klingberg, G. Schrale, P.D. Harvey, P. Deinam
13River Murray Horticultural Crop Survey 1981 - Regional Summaries & Statistics1981G.N. Thomas, B.A. Smith
14A Report on the Australian Cashmere IndustryDecember 1982S. Ellis
15Gross Margins South East1981N. Ward
16The Role of Sagric in Marketing - Working Party ReportFebruary 1983Department of Agriculture
17Agricultural Aspects of Water Management in Western Europe and IsraelFebruary 1983M.R. Till
18Progress Report on the River Murray Irrigation and Salinity Investigation ProgrammeFebruary 1983M.R. Till, D.J. Plowman
19Impact of Videotex on Agricultural Extension - Report of a Study Tour to France, England, Canada and the USAMarch 1983J.H. Richardson
20Report on Pig Industry Tour in EuropeMarch 1983P.Heap
21Seed and Pasture Developments in New South WalesJune 1983R.S. Martyn
22Proceedings of the Ovine Footrot In-Service Training CourseApril 1983M.J. Riley
23Report on Workshop - Research Priorities for the Cereal / Sheep Zone - A Farmer's Point of ViewApril 1983 R.B. Wickes for the Research Policy Advisory Committee
24Damage to Livestock Caused by Domestic Dogs in Adelaide's Urban FringeMay 1983Vertebrate Pests Control Authority
25Agriculture in the South Australian EconomyMay 1983Economics Division
26A Study Tour in Europe With Emphasis on Nutrition of Horticultural and Ornamental CropsJune 1983J.B. Robinson
27Report of a Six Month Simulation of a Prestel-Standard Videotex Data Storage and Retrieval SystemJuly 1983M. Allison, I. Graham
28Report on a Visit to the Federal Republic of Germany for the Xxist International Horticultural Congress HamburgJuly 1983R.L. Wishart
29Biological Sciences Group 1981-82 ReportJuly 1983Plant Industry Division
30Proceedings of a Fertilizer and Salinity Workshop for Potato GrowersAugust 1983C.M.J. Williams
31Wind Erosion on Eyre Peninsula, 1975-1979August 1983K.G. Wetherby, W.J. Davies, W.E. Mathieson
32Review of Research CentresAugust 1983Department of Agriculture
33The Water and Salt Balance of the Lower Murray Swamps for the 1980-81 YearSeptember 1983R.E. Desmier, G. Schrale
34Testing of Onion Cultivars for DehydrationSeptember 1983I.S. Rogers, R.D. Henderson
35Cereal Diseases in Victoria - Report on a Visit to Victorian Crops Research Institute, Department of Agriculture, HorshamSeptember 1983J.A. Davidson
36Future Directions in ExtensionOctober 1983J.H Richardson
37Use of Radio and Press by Farmers on Yorke PeninsulaOctober 1983J.E. Both
38Biological Sciences Report 1982-83November 1983P.E. Madge
39Dairy Research Report 1982November 1983Northfield Research Centre Animal Industry Division
40Review of Bovine Brucellosis and Tuberculosis Traceback Methods in SANovember 1983M.A. Reid, B.L. Wilson, N.M. Kowalick, R.C. Robinson, R.C. Butler
41Introduction of Dung Beetles Into South Australia 1970-1983November 1983K.R. Henry
42A Review of the Operation of the Brucellosis and Tuberculosis Campaign in Pastoral Areas of South AustraliaJanuary 1984G.B. Neumann, G.C. Curran
43Irrigation Requirements for Almonds on the Northern Adelaide PlainsFebruary 1984G. Schrale
44Redevelopment of Fruit Blocks in the Riverland Region : An Inter-temporal Programming ApproachJanuary 1984B.R. Hansen, G.T. Oborne
45Evaluation of Irrigation Equipment, 1: Small Low-Level SprinklersApril 1984K.A. Watson, T.F. Sluggett
46Structural Changes in Agricultural Co-Operation in BritainFebruary 1984D. Crabb
47The Extent and Significance of Water Repellent Sands on Eyre PeninsulaFebruary 1984K.G. Wetherby 
48A Look at the Californian Pistachio IndustryMarch 1984I.P. Bond
49A Direction Finding and Telemetry System for Sheep in Arid Zone PaddocksFebruary 1984M.C. Willcocks, K.W. Sarkies
50Sheep Husbandry in South AustraliaApril 1984B.C. Jefferies
51The Recognition and Treatment of Dryland SalinityApril 1984W.E. Matheson
52An Input-Output Model of the Southern Australian Farming System - (2) Systems Design & Data BaseApril 1984G.J. Ryland, M.A. Petty, R.I. Inglis
53Biennial Report to Pig Producers 1984April 1984Northfield Pig Research Unit
54Report on Apricot Collecting Expedition to Syria and TurkeyMay 1984F.J. Gathercole
55The Commercialization of Seeds of New Cultivars of Pastures and Crops Produced by Publicly Funded Plant Breeders in New ZealandMay 1984D.C. Ragless
56A Report on Study Tour of Pea Improvement Work in USA and Europe, April-May 1983June 1984S.M. Ali
57Gross Margins for Agricultural Enterprises For Yorke Peninsula and the Mid NorthJune 1984R. Edwards
58Merino Strains in Crossbreed Prime Lamb Production - Preliminary FindingsJune 1984D. Phillips, A.W. Singh, E.A. Dunstan
59Research in Other Organisations Relevant to the South Australian Ruminant Industries - Supplement to the Ruminant Industry Research Review ReportJuly 1984Department of Agriculture
59Ruminant Industry Research Review - Report to the Research Policy Advisory CommitteeJuly 1984Department of Agriculture
60Proceedings of a Financial Management Workshop for Potato GrowersAugust 1984G.S. Ronan, C.M.J. Williams
61Readership Survey of Sagric GazetteAugust 1984M. Allison, A.A. Luks, E. Van Eyssen
62Gross Margins for The Southern Mallee of South AustraliaAugust 1984H. Hannay, M.A. Krause
63Optimal Location, Number and Size of Grain Handling Facilities in South Australia (1) Model DevelopmentSeptember 1984P.D. Kerin
64Redevelopment of Fruit Blocks in the Riverland Region : An Inter-temporal Programming Approach (2) User GuideOctober 1984B.R. Hansen 
65Feasibility of Ovine Footrot Eradication in SA - A Working Party ReportOctober 1984Department of Agriculture
66Dairy Research Report 19841984Northfield Research Centre Animal Industry Division
67Lot Feeding of Sheep Through the 1982 DroughtNovember 1984B.L. Ashton, J.N. Hannay
68Optimal Location, Number and Size of Grain Handling Facilities in South Australia (2) Road and Queuing Costs at Handling Facilities : 1983/84 Harvest StudyJanuary 1985P.D. Kerin
69The River Murray Irrigation and Salinity Investigation Programme - results and future directionsDecember 1984P.J. Cole
70Redevelopment of Fruit Blocks in the Riverland Region : An Inter-temporal Programming Approach (3) An Application of the Model1985B.R. Hansen
71The 5th International Symposium on Nitrogen Fixation, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands 1983April 1985P.R. Gibson
72The Agricultural Chemicals Evaluation Scheme 1978-1983April 1985D.I. Murrie, D.W. Stephenson
73Designing Cost Efficient Mains for Irrigation SystemsApril 1985R.E. Desmier 
74Gross Margin Budget Guide Book for Lower Eyre PeninsulaFebruary 1985A.J. Presser
75Gross Margins South East RegionMarch 1985M. Milne, P. Mowatt
76Horticultural Observations Made in Israel in 1983March 1985J.N. Steed
77Sheep Blowfly and Flystrike in Sheep - Report of a National Symposium in 1983March 1985A.W. Singh, C. Martin
78A Study of Viral Diseases Affecting Pigs and Poultry in SingaporeMarch 1985P.B.D. Whyte
79A Soil Conservation Study Tour - Darling Downs Queensland and Northern NSWApril 1985F.W Armstrong, D.J Maschmedt
80Optimal Location, Number and Size of Grain Handling Facilities in South Australia : (3) Estimation of Short-Run and Long-Run Cost FunctionsApril 1985P.D. Kerin
81The Feasibility of Centralised Marketing Murray Bridge Glasshouse Tomatoes and Continental CucumbersJune 1985J.L. King
82Irrigated Field Crop Gross Margins for the Murray Lands Area of South AustraliaJune 1985M.A. Krause, J.N. Hannah, D.L. Zimmerman
83Vegetable Production Costs and Returns - Northern Adelaide PlainsMay 1985B.W. Philp, J.L. King, G.S. Ronan
84Citrus Study Tour 1984 - 1984 International Citrus Congress and Citrus Producing Areas of the USASeptember 1985P.T. Gallasch
85Alternative Pasture Legumes for Southern AustraliaSeptember 1985R.W. Ellis, A.D. Craig, R.S. Martyn
86A Guide to Sheep Lice ControlNovember 1985C.D. Tuckwell
87Beef Cattle Production at Minnipa Research Centre 1969-1980November 1985B.L. Ashton 
88Planning for Growth in Horticultural ExportsNovember 1985I.R. Lewis
89A Literature Review of Grain Handling SystemsNovember 1985P.D. Kerin
90Gross Margin Budget Guide Book for Upper Eyre PeninsulaNovember 1985A.J. Presser
91Vegetable Production Costs and Returns - Adelaide HillsNovember 1985G.S. Ronan, J.L. King, G.J. Lomman
92Gross Margins for Agricultural Enterprises for Yorke Peninsula and the Mid NorthMay 1986R.G. Edwards
93Biennial Report to Pig Producers 1986March 1986Northfield Pig Research Unit
94Irrigated and Dryland Cropping Gross Margins for the Milang and Langhorne Creek Area of South AustraliaMay 1986J.L. King
95Livestock Gross Margins for Milang and Langhorne Creek, South AustraliaMay 1986J.L. King, N.S.J. Ellis, R.D .Williams
96Development of Techniques for Screening Barley for Resistance to Leaf Scald DiseaseAugust 1986J.A. Davidson, A.J. Dube, A.H Mayfield
97Herbicides and their Fate in the Environment - a review (1983)1986K.Thoma, R.E.R Hartley
98Central Veterinary Laboratories Report 1982-19851986Central Veterinary Laboratories, Department of Agriculture
99A Pilot Study of a Pig Health Scheme 1986May 1986A. Pointon
100Vine Clonal Selection Trails 1958-1985 Nuriootpa Research and Advisory CentreJuly 1986M.G. McCarthy
101The Cashmere Industry in SAJuly 1986N.S.J. Ellis, A.Singh
102Dairy Research Report 1986October 1986Northfield Dairy Research Group
103Gross Margins for the Southern Mallee Area of SAOctober 1986G.D. Giles, T.M. Yeatman
104Division of Plant Services Annual Report to June 1985October 1986Plant Industry Division
105Aspects of Danish Research in Cereal Diseases - Report of a Study Tour to Denmark July 1985October 1986M. Hirsch
106Agricultural Co-Operatives in AustraliaOctober 1986Working Party on Agricultural Co-operatives
107Herbicides Applied in Low Volumes by a Bluff Plate SprayerNovember 1986M. Fulton
108Soil and Plant Testing Study Tour in USAFebruary 1987D.J. Reuter
109Gross Margins South East Region 1987February 1987P.J. Mowatt
110Herbicides Screening Group 1986 ReportMarch 1987G.J. Mitchell, M.A. Maslen, P.A. Carter
111Argentine AntApril 1987P.E. Madge, G. Caon
112Treatment of Dryland Salinity in Western Australia - Study TourMay 1987I.D. Jolly, B.W. Hughes, D.G. McCarthy
113Northern South Australia Cattle Industry Survey 1986May 1987A.L. Gibson
114Broccoli Cultivar Trials 1983/84July 1987B.W. Philp, I.S. Rogers, G. Lomman
115European Earwig, a Historical ReviewJuly 1987P. Madge, G. Caon
116Testing of Chinese Cabbage, Summer Cauliflower and Brussels SproutsSeptember 1987G.J. Lomman, I.S. Rogers, B.W. Philp
117Central Veterinary Laboratories Report 1985-1986September 1987Central Veterinary Laboratories, Department of Agriculture
118A Spatial Economic Analysis of Wool Centralisation ArrangementsOctober 1987B. Mayers
119Gross Margins for Agricultural Enterprises for Yorke Peninsula November 1987R.G. Edwards, J.R. Voigt, T. Dillon
120A History of the Agricultural Bureau, Women's Agricultural Bureau and Rural Youth Movement in South Australia 1888-1985November 1987P.N. Gray
121Certified Seed Crop StandardsNovember 1987Seed Production Section
122Evaluation of Drains and Weirs in the South East of South AustraliaNovember 1987G. Schrale, S.R. Cramer, D.C. Lewis
123Rural Tree PlantingNovember 1987Working Party on Rural Tree Planting
124Non Irrigated Salinity in South Australia: Options for TreatmentJanuary 1988I.D Jolly
125Control of Pea Weevil and Native Budworm in Field Peas - Results of 1985 Trials and SurveysJanuary 1988C. Phillips
126Pasture Research ReviewJanuary 1988Department of Agriculture
127Estimation of Water Requirements for Irrigated Crops in the Tatiara Proclaimed RegionFebruary 1988R.E. Desmier, G. Schrale
128Soil Conversation and Land Reclamation in the Alice Springs Region - A Study Tour Report, June 1985March 1988P.R. Butler
129Gross Margins South East Region 1988February 1988A.J. Presser
130Biennial Report to Pig Producers 1988April 1988Northfield Pig Research Unit
131Pilot Survey of Pesticide Residues in Streams Draining a Horticultural Catchment, Piccadilly Valley, South AustraliaJune 1988K.Thoma
132Distribution and Abundance of Proclaimed Plants Eyre Peninsula and West Coast, South Australia 1985August 1988R.J. Carter, J.A. Cummins
133Impact of Agronomic and Economic Factors on Farm Profitability - Model Specification and Application (Tarlee Trials)June 1988B.R. Hansen, M.A. Krause
134Carrot Cultivar EvaluationJuly 1988I.S. Rogers, B.W.. Philp, R.D. Henderson
135Herbicide Screening Group 1987 ReportAugust 1988M.A. Maslen, G.J. Mitchell, R. Matic, P.A. Carter
136Breeding 'Yanninicum' Subterranean Clovers With Improved Clover Scorch Resistance - Progress ReportG.J. Mitchell, M.L. Stanley, M.J. Cooper, T.D. Craddock
137South Australian Pastoral Sheep Industry Survey 1987July 1988R.Y. Pittar
138Organisation and Methods in Wheat and Barley Variety EvaluationJuly 1988T.G. Heard
139Trace Elements in South Australian Agriculture1988D.J. Reuter, B. Cartwright, G.J. Judson, J.D. Macfarlane, D.J. Maschmedt, J.B. Robinson
140Proceedings of a Workshop on Development BudgetingOctober 1988G.S. Ronan
141Citrus Study Tour 1988, International Citrus Congress 1988, Israel, Spain and USANovember 1988P.T. Gallasch
142Report on Soil Conservation, Soil Survey and Land Management Activities for the Year Ending 30th June 1987December 1988R.N. Pederson
143Barley Leaf Disease Survey 1988November 1989M. Hirsch, R. Manton
144Gross Margins South East Region 1989February 1989P.J. Mowatt
145Saline Accretion to the Lower Murray River From Irrigated River Flats 1980-1983May 1989R.E. Desmier, G. Schrale
146Dairy Research Report 1989July 1989Northfield Dairy Unit, Animal Research Branch
147Potato Export Market ReviewNovember 1989B. Philp, T. Deer
148Estimation of the Water Requirements of Irrigated Crops in the Naracoorte Ranges Proclaimed RegionNovember 1989R.E. Desmier
149Information Needs of South Australian Potato GrowersNovember 1989G.J. Lomman, P. Gray
150Study Trip to Bulgaria and Italy1989D.G. Furkaliev
151Estimation of the Water Requirement of Irrigated Crops in the Comaum Caroline Proclaimed RegionFebruary 1990R.E. Desmier
152Report of Visit to Study Commercialization of Services in the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries May 1989January 1990G.N. Thomas
153Pasture Research Workshop 1989February 1990A.S. Pell, B.D. Bartsch, R.W. Ellis, P.R. Gibson, I.D. Kaehne
154Classification of Bacteroides Nodosus Footrot Strains Isolated From South Australian PropertiesFebruary 1990P.E. Saunders, A.J. Belfield, K.J. Munro, I.L. Clarke
155Lot Feeding of Sheep on Eyre Peninsula During the 1988 DroughtMarch 1990A.S.C. Morbey, B.L. Ashton
156Flaxley Research Centre - Pasture Agronomy Trials 1988-1989March 1990G.J. Mitchell, G.R. Hean, T.D. Craddock, T. Prance, M.J. Mathison
157Persimmon Study Tour of NSW and Southern Queensland, May 1988April 1990F.R. Hobman
158Protein For Profit - Trends in Protein Levels of ASW Wheat Grown in South AustraliaMarch 1990C. Dyson, P. Fewings
159Protein For Profit - Soil Nitrogen Dynamics and Nitrogen Uptake by Wheat CropsMarch 1990J.N. Ladd
160Protein For Profit - The Physiology of Starch and Protein Deposition in the Endosperm of WheatMarch 1990C.F Jenner, T.D. Ugalde, D. Aspinall
161Protein For Profit - Wheat Protein and End Product QualityMarch 1990G.A. Palmer
162Protein For Profit - Farming Practices and Protein Levels in ASW WheatMarch 1990D.J. Reuter and C.B. Dyson
163Proceedings of a Technical Forum on Dryland Salinity in South AustraliaApril 1990D. McCarthy
164Gross Margins South East Region 1990April 1990P.J. Mowatt
165Service Delivery to Farm Families in Financial Difficulty : Networking or Not Working? Proceedings of the ConferenceMay 1990L. Bryant
166Literature Survey of Herbicide Trial Work in Ornamental HorticultureOctober 1990I.S. Rogers, G.E. Barth
167An Assessment of Wind Erosion on Eyre Peninsula During 1988/99May 1990B.W. Hughes, K.G. Wetherby, G.A. Kew, D.L. Lewis
168Evaluation and Establishment of Pasture Legumes on Red-Brown EarthsOctober 1990I.N. Cutten, P.E. Beale, M.L. Stanley, M.J. Cooper, G.J. Mitchell
169Review of Ground Water models and Data Requirements for Dryland Salinity Catchment InvestigationsJuly 1990H. Middlemis
170The Future of the Floriculture Industry in South AustraliaMay 1990B.E. Windle, G.E. Barth, I.R. Lewis
171Vine Improvement in South AustraliaMarch 1990R. Cirami
172Vegetable Marketing and Production in South East AsiaDecember 1990B.W. Philp, T.W. Deer
173Herbicide Screening Group 1988 ReportOctober 1990D.L. Rutley, R. Matic, M.A. Maslen, P.A. Carter
174Biennial Report to Pig Producers 19911991Northfield Pig Research Unit
175Vegetation and Soil Survey of Chowilla1991I.D. Hollongsworth, A.P. Meissner, G. Davies
176The Horticultural Option - Keys to SuccessMarch 1991I. Lewis
177Citrus Study Tour to Brazil 1990December 1990P.T. Gallasch
178Report of Visit to Study Commercialization of Government Agricultural Services in England, Scotland and HollandJanuary 1991G.N. Thomas
179Water Balances of Irrigated Sultana Vineyards in the Riverland of South AustraliaAugust 1991G.J. Cock, P.J. Cole, A. Zimmerman, G.C. Harvey
180Report on Glasshouses and Controlled Environments in Canada and the United StatesApril 1991L. Hoare
181Flaxley Research Centre - Pasture Agronomy Trials 1990June 1991G.J Mitchell, S.R Chinner, P.V Colman, T. Prance
182The Decline in Height and Capacity of Grade Banks With Time in South AustraliaJune 1991S.D Moore
183Rural Community Development : A Model for Economic and Social ReformJune 1991L.Bryant
184Report on Tour to Study Horticultural Crop Production and Research and Extension Services in South America, The United States, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain and EnglandJuly 1991F.R Hobman
185Herbicide Screening Group 1989 ReportJuly 1991R.Matic, A. Fischle, I.D Black, D.L Rutley, P.A Carter
186Rural Women and Access to Decision Makers Within the South Australian Department of AgricultureJune 1991L.Bryant
187Soil and Water Conservation in USA and Canada, Study Tour ReportJuly 1991R.B Wickes
188Report on a Visit to Singapore to Attend the Asia and Oceania Food Fair '91, Assess Trade Opportunities for Australian Food Products and Observe Changes in Retail MarketingDecember 1991S. Rice
189no listing located on index or any other record
190Golden Dodder and Silverleaf Nightshade - Study Tour to USAJanuary 1992J.W. Heap
191Report on Production Systems Studies, South AustraliaNovember 1991W.G. Giles
192Herbicide Screening Group 1990 ReportJanuary 1992R. Matic, A. Fischle, I.D. Black, I. Pearce
193Crop and Livestock Gross Margin Estimates for the Lower, Mid and Upper North : 425-500mm Rainfall Area 1992February 1992J. Hannay, P. Warren
194Crop and Livestock Gross Margin Estimates for York Peninsula and Upper North : 350-400mm Rainfall Area 1992February 1992J. Hannay, P. Warren, T. Dillon
195Later Lambing - Experiences of Farmers in Cereal/Sheep Areas of SAApril 1992B.L. Ashton
196Improved Criteria for Predicting and Ameliorating Soil Acidity in the Highest Rainfall Areas of SAApril 1992A.F. Richards
197Flaxley Research Centre - Pasture Agronomy Trials 1991April 1992G.J. Mitchell, S.R. Chinner, P.V. Colman, N. Fleming, J.R. Pearce, S.C. Valentine
198Wanilla Seepage and Waterlogging Control ProjectApril 1992D. Fleer
199A Study of the Beef Cattle Feedlot Industry and Implications for SAMay 1992S.J Rice, T.J Clark, W.G. Giles
200Flaxley Research Centre 1992 Biennial ReportJune 1992S.Valentine
201Citrus Study Tour to Italy, Spain and the USAOctober 1992P.T. Gallasch
202Sheep Nematode Monitoring on Ten Commercial Properties on Kangaroo IslandDecember 1992I.J. MacFarland, R.R. Martin
203Biennial Report - July 1990 to June 1992 to Pig Producers SADecember 1992Northfield Pig Research Unit
204Herbicide Screening Group 1991 ReportFebruary 1993R. Matic, A. Fischle, I.D. Black, I. Pearce
205Report on the 4th International Symposium on Grapevine Physiology and Visits to Viticulture and Irrigation Research Institutes in Italy May 1992February 1993R.M. Stevens
206Flaxley Research Centre - Pasture Agronomy Trials 1992July 1993G.J Mitchell
207Reducing Pesticide Use on PotatoesJuly 1993H.R Dillard, B.W Philp, T.W Wicks
208Sheep Reproduction - A Report on an Overseas Study Tour to Europe and the UKJuly 1993D.O Kleemann
209The Only Warm Spot in an Otherwise Bleak Landscape' - The Cultivator Reader Survey 1992July 1993J. Kerby, A. Eland
210Development of the Processing Potato Industry in SA - Final ReportDecember 1993S. Lanz
211Soil Organic Matter and Nitrogen Management in Dryland Cropping SystemsAugust 1993R.A. Payne, J.N Ladd
212Soil Organic Matter and Nitrogen Management in Dryland Cropping Systems Part IIAugust 1993R.A. Payne, J.N Ladd
213Fodder Shrubs for Salt Affected Land in SADecember 1993C. Malcolm
214A Search for Predictors of Failure of Family Farm BusinessesDecember 1993K. Edwards
215Report on a Visit to New Zealand to Attend the First World Deer Congress and to Investigate Research of Deer, Alpaca and Milking SheepFebruary 1994C. Tuckwell
216Cherries - Report on a European Study TourMay 1994A. Granger
217Study Tour of North American Cherry Breeding and Research ProgrammesOctober 1994A. Granger
218Changing By Choice : Identifying Community Mechanisms for Social and Economic Change in the RiverlandApril 1994J. Kerby, K. Gorman
219Alternative pasture legumes 1993 : invited reviews and supporting papers from the second National Alternative Pasture Legumes Workshop held at Chardonnay Lodge, Coonawarra, South Australia, July 25-28,1994D.L. Michalk, A.D. Craig & W.J. Collins
220A Comparison of Six Selective Graminicides for Weed Control in Cultivated OatsMarch 1994A.R. Barr, S.D. Pelham, A. Frischle, J.A. Dickenson, A.H. Mayfield
221A Survey of South Australian Farmers1994J. Kerby
222Greenhouse Awareness Program : raising awareness among staff of a state government department  1994J. Kerby, A. Johnson
223Australian Medicago Genetic Resource Centre - Biennial Report 1991-19921 June 1994G.C Auricht, S.J Hughes
224Measuring change in beliefs, knowledge and behaviour using questionnaires 1994J. Kerby
225Bandicoot naked oats : an end user guide1994Andrew Barr and Tim Teague
226Growing Oaten Hay in South East Australia1994A. Barr
227High Rainfall Pasture ResearchOctober 1994G.J Mitchell, S.R Chinner, P.V Colman, D.L Heinjus
228Report on cost of production study-gross margin by region by lambing system SAOctober 1994K.Jervois, D Bertossa, C Boardman, J Presser, P Warren
229The Engineering of Earth Catchments for the Supply of Irrigation Water for VinesDecember 1994S.D. Moore
230User assessment of the Winter cereal management guide 1994J. Kerby, R. Harrison
231Flaxley Agricultural Centre 1994 Biennial ReportMay 1995Primary Industries South Australia
232Dairy Pasture Systems : Dairy farm Studies in the Mount Lofty Ranges of SAJanuary 1995G.J. Mitchell, S.R. Chinner
233Development of Slaughter Facilities for The South Australian Deer IndustryJune 1995C. Tuckwell
234Australian Medicago Genetic Resource Centre - Annual Report 1993March 1995G.C. Auricht, S.J. Hughes
235The Evaluation of Soil Erosion by Water Using Caesium-137 Measurements in SA1995S.D. Moore, P. Ciganovic
236A survey of farming practices in the mid north of SA : Halbury - Koolunga1995Andrew Harding
237Investigating alternatives to bore drainage systems in the Riverland. Data report. Sunlands/Qualco district. Data report 1. Background information
1995Kim Teoh; A. J Giffen (Adrian J.); Nick Watkins; David Way
238Investigating alternatives to bore drainage systems in the Riverland. Data report. Sunlands/Qualco district. Data report 2. Hydrogeology and assessment of irrigation drainage impacts
1995Nick Watkins, Kim Teoh, David Way
239Investigating alternatives to bore drainage systems in the Riverland. Data report. Sunlands/Qualco district. Data report 3. Drainage options and economic analysis
1995Kim Teoh, David Way, Nick Watkins
240Weeds of Arid South AustraliaAugust 1995M. Michelmore
241Ostrich and deer industries in China : and opportunities for Australian-Chinese joint venture enterprise developments, a Study Tour May 1995 1995Chris Tuckwell, John Rothwell
242The Effect of Erosion on the Productivity of Annual Grain Crops in SASeptember 1995S.D. Moore
243Dust Storms in South Australia on 24-25th May 1994September 1995P.R. Butler, W.J Davies, J.F Leys
244Investigating alternatives to bore drainage systems in the Riverland. Data report. Pike/Mundic private irrigation areas - Data report 1. Background information 1995Kim Teoh, Adrian Giffen 
245Investigating alternatives to bore drainage systems in the Riverland. Data report. Pike/Mundic private irrigation areas. Data report 2 Hydrogeology and assessment of irrigation drainage impacts

1995Nick Watkins, Kim Teoh, David Way
246Digging for profit' -- a farmer technology transfer project 1996J. Kerby,
247A review of the 4M (more milk more money) program in South Australia1996J. Kerby,
248Valuing women as customersAugust 1996J. Kerby, L. McClure, A. Westley, M.A Young
249Understorey Establishment ResearchSeptember 1996R.G Murphy, G.S Dalton
250The status of native tree dieback and lerp insect outbreaks in the north east Mount Lofty Ranges in 1996 (The Tree save Land save Project) : survey report 1996Phil Barron
251Investigating alternatives to bore drainage systems in the Riverland. Data report. Sunlands/Qualco district. Data report 4. Drilling and pump testing1996Nick Watkins, Kim Teoh
252Coordinating Apple Blackspot Research: Proceedings of a Meeting Sponsored by Horticultural Research & Development Corporation held at Institute of Horticultural Development Knoxfield Victoria on Wednesday 28-29 August 1996October 1996Primary Industries South Australia
2531996 Biennial ReportJanuary 1996S. Valentine
254Dryland salinity management in the Mt Lofty Ranges1997C.J. Henschke
255Dryland salinity management on Kangaroo Island1997C.J. Henschke
256Dryland salinity management in the south western Murray Basin1997 C.J. Henschke
257Crop area ratios for Lucerne growing practices -Hundred of Stirling : report to Hundred of Stirling Working Group1997 G. Schrale & P. Ciganovic
258Irrigation benchmarks and best management practices for citrus1997Mark Skewes & Tony Meissner
259Irrigation benchmarks and best management practices for winegrapes1997Mark Skewes & Tony Meissner
260no listing located on index or any other record
261Procedures and standards for the South Australian Seed Certification Scheme
1998South Australia. Seed Services PIRSA
262Reuse options for drainage water from the Riverland irrigation areas : report to the Murray Darling Basin Commission on project M4246 : 'woodlots for salinity mitigation' 1997A.J. Giffen
263Annual irrigation requirement for horticultural crops : a guide for estimating annual irrigation requirement for perennial horticultural crops in South Australia 2000 Irrigated Crop Management Service, PIRSA Rural Solutions
264Guidelines for Grazing : Dairy Pasture Systems for Low Summer Rainfall Pasture Production ZoneJanuary 1997G. Mitchell
265Irrigation benchmarks and best management practices for potatoes1998Mark Skewes & Tony Meissner
266Diffuse-source nitrate pollution of groundwater in relation to land management systems in the south east of South Australia1998Ludovic Schmidt 
2671998 Biennial ReportJanuary 1998S. Valentine, G. Hall
268Report to Public Works Committee
1999Qualco Sunlands Groundwater Control Scheme.
269Minnipa Agricultural Centre : 1998 research summary 1998Ingrid Kennerley
270Comparative analysis of almond production in Southern Australia1999D.R. Pocock
271no listing located on index or any other record
272Investigations into the management of dry saline land1999Bruce M. Kennewell
273Changes in farming practices in the mid north of SA : Halbury - Koolunga 1994-1998 1999A. P. Harding 
274A review of the vegetation planting trial on a saline discharge zone at Farrell Flat (1985-1999)1999S.D. Moore, P. Ciganovic
2751999 profile of the South East irrigation industry, South Australia : report to the South East Catchment Water Management Board2000

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Technical report (South Australia. Dept. of Agriculture)(63(06) S72t )630.9942 S726TR
Technical report / Department of Primary Industries (Agriculture), South Australia.
(63(06) S72t.2 )630.9942 S726TR.2
 Dec. 1992 - June 1997 - Lacks: nos. 226, 229, 233, 234, 247, 250  
Technical report (Primary Industries and Resources SA); (63(06) S72t.3 ) 630.9942 S726TR.3
 1997-No Date  
State Records SA Reference: GRS/14156  - Technical reports, numerical series - Department of Agriculture and successors 
 1982-1998 (Some reports are missing)  

Prepared by: Don Plowman and Rita Novia
Date:  August 2014

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