Technical papers

Published 1983–1994

Technical Papers are a series of descriptive reports on specific research projects, surveys, or studies about a wide array of topics. Technical Papers are generally a smaller document than a Technical Report.

NumberTechnical Paper TitleDateAuthor(s)
1 Effects of nutrition in ewes during mating, pregnancy, lactation and post-lactation with particular reference to ewes with multiple birthsMarch 1983D.O. Kleemann
2Tod River soil surveyMarch 1982K.G. Wetherby, S.D. Moore, J.A. Sinclair
3The integrated control of light-brown apple moth, Epiphyas postuitiana (Walter) (Lepidoptera tortricidae), on grape vines in South AustraliaSept 1983G.T. Baker, D.F Lang
4Review: Wool testing services in AustraliaJanuary 1984M.R. Fleet
5Moisture characteristics of irrigarted mallee highland soilsJanuary 1984G.R. Cock
6Review: Wool testing services in AustraliaM.R. Fleet
7Irrigation and settlement in the South Australian RiverlandDecember 1983B.J. Menzies, P.N.Gray
8Technological change: Salinity and irrigation systems. The response of fruit growers in the South Australian RiverlandApril 1984B.J Menzies, P.N. Gray
9Scald disease (Rhynchosporium secalis) of barley. A review of the literatureApril 1984A.H. Mayfield
10The effect of the birdguard on Class A pan evaporation in South Australia.July 1984A.M. Kernich
11The climate of the River Murray and environs, South AustraliaOctober 1984A.M. Kernich
12A review of the naturalised alien flora of the cereal areas of Sourh AustraliaMay 1986P.M. Kloot
13Soils and land use potential Echunga 1:50,000 map sheet. South Australia.June 1986D.J. Maschmedt
14Check list of the introduced species naturalised in Sourh AustraliaAugust 1986P.M. Kloot
15A bibliography of subterranean clover Trifolium subterraneum L 1960–1985November 1986D.E. Symon
16Soil and land use potential, Onkaparinga, South Australia. 1:50 000 map sheet.February 1987D.J. Maschmedt
17Technical information on herbicides for vegetable crops in South AustraliaFebruary 1987I.S. Rogers
18Biology and control of Cuscuta campestrus and other Cuscuta spp: A bibliographic reviewApril 1987D.A. Cooke, I.D. Black
19Grapevine yellows: Aliterature reviewApril 1988P.A. Magarey
20Actual evapotranspiration and energy balance for irrigated horticultural crops in the Riverland of South AustraliaDecember 1988J.F. Punthakey
21Evaluation of improved land management practices for vegetable production in the Mount Lofty Ranges, South AustraliaDecember 1988K. Thoma, G.N. Collett
22An evaluation of time domain reflectometryDecember 1988T.A. Douglas, C.P. Norman, B. Kanakaris
23Monitoring farming systems – Effects of cropping systems – Limitations to wheat yieldsP.F. Wegener, C.J. McDowall, A.B. Frensham
24Modelling the hydrologic and erosion response of agricultural catchments using the Answers modelFebruary 1989G.N. Collett, J.F. Punthakey
25The damage and control of arthropods in medic pastureMay 1989P.G. Allen, J.G. Lewis, K.R. Henry
26The resettlement process of displaced farm families: A conceptual frameworkJune 1989L. Bryant
27The resettlement process of displaced farm families: A study of 12 families from Eyre Peninsula, South AustraliaNovember 1989L. Bryant
28The Rural Adjustment Coordination Service: Evaluation reportJ. Moller, N. Fink
29Alternative farming systems in a semi-arid environmentA.K. McCord, D. Vowles
30Operation Pewsey Vale: An exercise in controlling an exotic animal disease in feral goatsJanuary 1992M.L. Williams, R.P. Henzell
31Field measurement and modelling of runoff and erosion responseof small agricultural catchments in the Mid North of South AustraliaMay 1992J.F. Punthakey, P. Ciganovic, G.N. Collett
32The use of engineered catchments to provide water in the semi-arid pastoral zone of South AustraliaAugust 1992S.D. Moore
33Improved equipment and methods for the study of rainfall infiltration, run-off, soil and nutrient lossesMay 1992D.K. Malinda, B.M. DuBois, R.N. Pederson, W.R. Darling, R.G. Fawcett
34Assessmentand managing cropping risksin low rainfall areas of southern Australia using agroclimatic dataFebruary 1993A.K.S. Huda, M.S. Rahman, J.P. Egan, R.E. Holloway, A.S. Lymn
35Investigation and management of dryland salinity in a catchment at Jamestown in the mid north of South AustraliaJune 1994C.J. Henschke, D.G. McCarthy, S.B. Richardson, T.D. Evans
36Investigation and management of dryland salinity in a catchment at Narroonda, Kangaroo IslandJune 1994C.J. Henschke, D.G. McCarthy, T.D. Evans
37Investigation and management of dryland salinity in a catchment near Darke Peak on Upper Eyre Peninsula.June 1994C.J. Henschke, D.G. McCarthy, T. Branford
38Investigation and management of dryland salinity at Wanilla on Lower Eyre PeninsularJune 1994S.B. Richardson, C.J. Henschke, D.G. McCarthy, T. Branford
39Predicting the impact of management options for dryland salinity control at Wanilla, Lower Eyre PeninsulaJuly 1994S.B. Richardson, K.A. Narayan, T. Branford

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