Special bulletins

Published 1968–1976

The range of more than 60 Special Bulletins was published over 8 years between 1968 and 1976. Listed below is the collection held at the Woolhouse Library at the Waite. Note that 1968, 1969 and 1970 collections are not complete. 

Special Bulletins were published on a wide range of technical and information topics. Audiences included farmers, agribusiness, home gardeners, consumers and the general public. There is some cross positioning of topics between the Extension Bulletin and Special Bulletin series. Special Bulletins were published using a number plus year numbering system.

Number Special Bulletin Title YearAuthor/s
1/68 Soils and Agriculture of the Northern and Yorke Peninsula Regions of South Australia 1968 R.J. French, W.E. Matheson, A.L. Clarke
3/70 Mouse Control With Strychnine Baits 1970 P.G. Allen
4/70 Soil Testing in South Australia – a Progress Report 1970 J.S. Potter
1/71 Vineyard Establishment 1971 E.W. Boehm
2/71 Diseases of Grapevines 1971 E.W. Boehm
3/71 Accredited Ovine Brucellosis-free Flocks 1971 No Author
4/71 More Effective Weed Control in Onions 1971 I.S. Rogers
5/71 Revegetation by “Pitting” 1971 Officers of Soil Conservation Branch
6/71 Histomoniasis is a Well Known Disease of Turkeys 1971 Officers of Poultry Health Section
7/71 Mesquite – a New Weed Threat 1971 J.M. O’Neill S.J. Garrick
8/71 Home Storage of Fruit and Vegetables 1971 B.L. Tugwell
9/71 Germination of Cherry Rootstock Seed 1971 R.J. vanVelsen, J.M. Niejalke, E. Lykke
10/71 Tomatoes – Outdoor and Glasshouse 1971 I.S. Rogers, B.T. Baker
11/71 Prickly Pear – Problems in South Australia 1971 M.J. Catt
1/72 Oil Seed Rape – a Promising Crop for South Australia 1972 D. Crawford, Officers of Agronomy Branch
2/72 Electric Fencing for Livestock 1972 D.R. Gifford
3/72 A Guide to Using the Home Freezer 1972 No Author
4/72 About Our Publication Series 1972 No Author
5/72 Soursob Control 1972 M.J. Catt
6/72 Research Laboratories Northfield – Notes for Visitors 1972 No Author
7/72 The Artificial Breeding Board of South Australia Catalogue of Bulls Standing at the Artificial Breeding Centre – Northfield 1972–73 1972 No Author
8/72 Silage Makers Handbook 1972 D.C. Brown
9/72 Chemical Control of Eucalypt Regrowth on Fire Access Tracks and Under Fence Lines 1972 L.T. Jacobs
10/72 Potatoes for the Housewife 1972 H.D. Feddersen, R.A. Nitschke
11/72 Power Requirements of Centrifugal Pumps 1972 J.R. Burrell
12/72 Drying Fruit from the Farm Garden Reprinted as Drying and Storage of Fruit from the Garden 1972 1974 M.B. Spurling, A.P. Dahlenburgh, B.L, Tugwell
1/73 Farm Killing, Dressing and Butchery of Beef 1973 D.R. Gifford
2/73 Lucerne Growing in South Australia 1973 G.D. Webber et al
3/73 Murray New Town Site Selection Preliminary Soil and Land Form Survey 1973 D. Chittleborough, M. Wright
4/73 Beware of Hormone Herbicides Near Susceptible Crops or Plants 1973 D.I. Murrie
5/73 The Artificial Breeding Board of South Australia Catalogue of Bulls 1973–74 1973 No Author
6/73 Cream Quality 1973 No Author
7/73 Rodent Proofing Farm Storages 1973 P.G. Allen
8/73 Haymaking Methods 1973 K.G. Bicknell, T.J. Dillon, A.E. Hincks
10/73 Grain Pest Control – Urgent and Essential 1973 P.R. Birks, J.D. McAuliffe
1/74 A Guide to Herbicides for Weed Control in Pasture Seed Crops 1974 No Author
2/74 Notes on Bees and Bee Diseases 1974 G.W. Lumsden
3/74 Department of Agriculture Publications Service 1974 No Author
4/74 What You Should Know About Pork 1974 J.C. Potter, J.W. Bryson
5/74 American Foul Brood Disease – Some Questions Answered 1974 G.W. Lumsden
6/74 Fruit Growing for the Home 1974 E.W. Boehm
7/74 Cereal Variety Recommendations for 1975 1974 M.R. Krause, B.J. Marshall, A.J. Dube, A.H. Mayfield
8/74 Propagation of Deciduous Fruit Trees 1974 D.T. Kilpatrick, J.N. Steed
9/74 Storing Water in Farm Dams 1974 J.A. Edwards
1/75 Fertilisers for Vines in Non Irrigated Areas 1975 M.T. Seeliger, M.A. Loder
2/75 Sweetcorn Growing 1975 I.S. Rogers, B.T. Baker
3/75 Pig Production in South Australia 1975 P.A. Heap
4/75 New Techniques in Gas Colouring Citrus 1975 K. Gillespie, B.L. Tugwell
5/75 Coolroom Construction for Fruit and Vegetable Growers 1975 B.L. Tugwell
6/75 Fruit Dehydration 1975 A.P. Dahlenburg
7.75/1 A Guide to Herbicides for Weed Control in Lucerne Seed Crops 1975 K.R. Smith, I.H. Simons, P.M. Kloot
7.75/2 A Guide to Herbicides for Weed Control in Annual Medic and Subterranean Clover Seed Crops 1975 K.R. Smith, I.H. Simons, P.M. Kloot
9/75 Improved Pastures for the Mallee Region 1975 K.G. Bicknell, T.J. Dillon, D.M. Crawford, A.K. McCord
10.75/1 Agriculture in South Australia – The Lower South East 1975 P.L. Marrett
11/75 Post Harvest Handling of Citrus Fruits 1975 L.D. Jarrett, B.L. Tugwell
12/75 Loxton Research Centre – Notes for Visitors 1975 No Author
14/75 Growing Giant Shaftal Clover Seedcrops 1975 G.E. Cooper
15/75 Breeding Black Wool for Hand Spinning 1975 P.M. Carr
16/75 Controlling Maturity of Pullets 1975 H.V. Stephen, R.C. Woolford
17/75 Sunflowers in the South East 1975 P.L. Marrett, P.J. Mowatt
18/75 A Guide to “Bulb Weed” Identification 1975 J.M. O’Neil
19/75 Superphosphate in South Australia - Its Importance to Crops and Pastures - Guidelines for Efficient Use 1975 No Author
20/75 Ley Farming 1975 G.D. Webber
1/76 Nematode Resistant Rootstocks for South Australian Vineyards 1976 G.R. Stirling
2/76 Trikkala – a Replacement for Yarloop – Including Renovation Procedures 1976 P.E. Beale, H.V. Chamberlain, B.A. Ninnes, M.R. Lewis
3/76 Silage on a Large Scale 1976 J.C. Radcliffe, S.C. Valentine, M.H. MacDermott

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