Market development papers

Published 1979–1991

Following is a list of Market Development Papers published between 1979 and 1991. These were comprehensive booklets providing a range of technical and market opportunity information for particular crops or industries.

Number Market Development Paper Title YearAuthor/s
MDP 1 Jojoba 1979 D. Ragless, C. Pike, B. Matheson, E. Crawford
MDP 2 Herbs and Spices 1980 M. Ellis
MDP 3 Ornamental Flower Trade – Export Prospects for South Australia 1980 D. Ragless
MDP 4 Triticale Not recorded D. Harvey, T. Heard
MDP 5 Field Peas May 1987 M. Ali
MDP 6 Commercial Brassica Production in SA Mar 1988 G. Lomman
MDP 7 Capsicum Production in SA May 1988 B. Philp, P. Burne
MDP 8 The Economics of Carnation and Chrysanthemum Growing Feb 1989 C. Kernick, G. Barth, G. Ronan
MDP 9 Potato Growing in SA Apr 1988 G. Lomman
MDP 10 Lettuce Production in SA May 1988 G. Lomman, N. Maier
MDP 11 Greenhouse Continental Cucumber Production Aug 1988 B. Philp, P. March
MDP 12 Glasshouse Tomato Production Jul 1989 B. Philp
MDP 13 Onions and Allied Crops in South Australia Apr 1991 G. Lomman
MDP 14 Growing Oat Hay 1991 A.R. Barr

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Date: August 2014

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