Livestock branch technical information circulars

Published 1970–1981

From 1970 to 1981 the Department of Agriculture (to 1975) and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (1975–1979) Livestock Branch issued a series of 58 Information Circulars. These contain a wide range of research, extension and study reports associated with livestock breeding, feeding, and industry development.
After 1981, livestock research papers were published in a broad range of national and international refereed scientific journals.

Number Livestock Branch Technical Information Circulars YearAuthor(s)
1 Non-Protein nitrogen for ruminants 1970 P.M. Carr
2 Breeding ram replacements 1970 C.H.S. Dolling, A.L. Brown
3 Beef cattle crossbreeding observations on an Adelaide Hills property May 1972 D.R. Gifford, P.C. Stephens
4 Sheep husbandry in South Australia Abstracts of research results published to Dec 1970 Jun 1972 Various authors
5 Cattle breeding observations on Turretfield Research Centre Cattle crossbreeding results from Turretfield Research Centre Jul 1972 D.R. Gifford, H.R. Day, P.C. Stephens
6 Charolais crossbreeding in the Adelaide Hills and the Meningie area of South Australia Beef production from Friesian and Friesian cross steers in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia Aug 1972 D.R. Gifford, A.L. Pullman, P.C. Stephens, D.R. Gifford, P.C. Stephens
7 The use of lupins as a stock feed Oct 1972 T.J. Clark
8 Selection of breeding stock for sheep meat production A report of progress in South Australia Oct 1972 J.E. Stafford, M.L.H. South, M.R. Heysen
9 Meat-line birds at the Parafield Poultry Research Centre Jan 1973 R.W. Polkinghorne
10 Charolais and Friesian cross breeding in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia Feb 1973 D.R. Gifford
11 Animal nutrition – a study tour in New South Wales and Queensland Jun 1973 A.D. Hughes
12 Measuring the elements of the environment in poultry houses Jun 1973 P.F. Mannion
13 The requirements of barley for non ruminant animals Oct 1973 R.L. Davies
14 A modified colorimetric method for estimating starch and soluble sugar in grain Nov 1973 B.F. Halton, R.L. Davies
15 Observations on various irrigated fodder crops and their suitability for feeding as green chop to yearling steers and heifers Jun 1974 W.A. Hawthorne
16 A comparison of autumn and winter calving on Kangaroo Island 1968–1972 Jul 1974 A.L. Pullman, P.C. Stephens, B.A. Ninnes
17 Random sample testing at Parafield Poultry Research Centre Jul 1974 R.W. Polkinghorne
18 Pig research in Australia – Abstracts of research results published up to February 1974 Aug 1974 B.A. Stone
19 A case study ram replacement breeding scheme for a commercial wool producer Oct 1974 W.M. Synnot, C.J. Mc Gowan
20 The quality of eggs from retail stores in the Adelaide metropolitan area in January and July 1971 and January 1972 Dec 1974 R.J. Hughes
21 Beef cattle management and fertility survey, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia 1973–74 season A survey of reproduction rates and management practices in beef producing herds, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia 1973–74 season Mar 1975 Jul 1975 S.W. Inglis, S.W. Inglis
22 Residues of p,p’-DDT, o,p’-DDT and DDE in eggs from hens given technical grade DDT in the diet Jul 1975 R.J. Hughes
23 Residues of 2-(thiocyanomethylthio) benzothiazole (TCMTB) in eggs and poultry tissues Feb 1976 R.J. Hughes, D.B. Wellington
24 A case study – bull replacement scheme for a commercial beef producer Mar 1976 W.M. Synnot, T.J. Clark
25 In vitro digestibility, nitrogen and mineral content of wheat and oat stubbles grazed by beef cattle at Minnipa Research Centre during January to May 1974 Jul 1976 M.H. Round, J.M. Jacka
26 Phosphorus status and supplementation of grazing beef cattle Jul 1976 M.H. Round
27 Mechanical and chemical treatment of cereal straw to improve its feed value for ruminants Jul 1976 M.H. Round
28 Production response to urea supplements by ruminants consuming low quality forages in Australia and factors affecting response Oct 1976 M.H. Round
29 On Merino breeding Oct 1976 J.R.W. Walkley, J.E. Stafford
30 Poll Dorset’s for the 80s – Proceedings for the 1971 workshop 1977 J.E. Stafford, C.H.S. Dolling
31 The effect of replacing fish meal with meat and bone meal in a diet fed to broiler chickens Mar 1978 P.F. Mannion
32 Marketing of beef cattle from two regions in South Australia – a comparison of outlets 1975–76 Apr 1978 S.W. Inglis, S.J. Wright, D.L. Little, B.A. Ninnes, T.R. Leske
33 The effects of pre and post weaning nutrition on heifer puberty, fertility and lifetime calf production May 1978 I.D. Johnsson
34 Fodder conservation and fodder crops – their effects on animal production May 1978 W.A. Hawthorne
35 The reproductive performance of ewes grazing oestrogenic pastures and the feasibility of improvement by crossing with Booroola Merinos Jun 1978 J.R.W. Walkley, S.K. Walker
36 A survey of egg consumption, purchasing habits and egg quality preferences of people living in the Adelaide metropolitan area Jul 1978 R.J. Hughes
37 Bibliography of articles in research journals, technical information circulars and these on sheep, cattle for beef, poultry and pigs 1970–1977 Aug 1978 Various
38 Beef production recording – proceedings of a refresher conference on 5th October 1978 Nov 1978 R.D. Williams
39 Electric and non electric fences – a bibliography up to September 1978 Jan 1979 D.R. Gifford, D.O. Kleeman
40 Angora and feral goats in Australia 1. Abstracts of research and results published up to September 1978 2. A bibliography up to September 1978 Jan 1979 D.R. Gifford
41 On the inheritance of horse coat colour Jan 1979 C.H.S. Dolling
42 National seminar on horse coat colour – genes and how they work Inheritance of colours in the Icelandic Toelter horse Jan 1979 J.R. Walkley, S. Adalsteinsson
43 The potential for genetic modification of sheep characteristics which may facilitate various wool removal techniques – a review Mar 1979 E.N. Maher, B.C. Jeffries
44 Hand feeding of sheep and cattle – energy and protein requirements Mar 1979 A.D. Hughes, L. Burdon
45 Seminar on Angora goat breeding and genetics Genetic principles and the Angora goat industry in South Australia The application of genetic principles in the selection of Angora goats for breeding Mar 1979 R.W. Ponzoni, D.P. Gifford
46 Performance recording of breeding stock for sheep meat production – progress to 1978 in South Australia Mar 1979 J.E. Stafford
47 On Angora goats and the mohair industry in South Australia Apr 1979 D.R. Gifford
48 Sheep production model May 1979 J.R. Pauley, P.J. Barber
49 Wool fibre diameter variability – its importance in worsted manufacture Jun 1979 M.R. Fleet
50 Angora goats and mohair production – a study tour of New South Wales and Victoria Jul 1979 D.R. Gifford
51 A manual for the operation of the sheep production model Mar 1980 J.R. Pauley, P.J. Barber
52 Reproduction rate and lamb growth in the flock of Bungaree strain Merino ewes at the Minnipa Research Centre Mar 1980 S.J. Wright, B.M. Dubois
53 Goat research in South Australia. Proceedings of a goat research workshop held at Waite Agricultural Research Institute on 14 December 1979 Jul 1980 D.R. Gifford, C.H.S. Dolling
54 Dam breeds and efficiency of lamb production Nov 1980 D.O. Kleeman
55 Lamb marking percentages in South Australia Feb 1981 S.K. Walker
56 Studies on selection objectives and indices for Australian Merion sheep Mar 1981 R.W. Ponzoni
57 An automated multi-calorimeter and physiological monitoring system for poultry Aug 1981 P.C. Glatz, R.W. Polkinghorne
58 Triticale screening – supplementary data 1976–1980 Nov 1981 R.L. Davies

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