Prominent Department of Agriculture staff

Horticultural Branch 1887–1977

This brief list of the Horticultural Branch contains a list of former staff members, their last title, last location and period of service.

History of horticulture branch and former staff 1887–1977 (PDF 159.2 KB)

Laurie, Duncan Forbes 1861–1945

Government Poultry Expert and Lecturer

Laurie commenced in south Australia as a cadet with the Engineer in Chief's Department in 1997. He held a long term interest in poultry production and delivered lectures at Roseworthy Agricultural College between 1894 and 1897.

In 1905 he was appointed the Government Poultry Expert and Lecturer and guided the development of the Parafield Poultry Research Centre and programs until his retirement in 1930.

Duncan Laurie - Government Poultry Expert and Lecturer (DOC 347.0 KB)

Quinn, George 1905–1935

SA's first Chief Horticulturalist

George Quinn commenced with the SA Botanic Gardens in 1887. After a period as an Inspector he joined the Department of Agriculture in 1905 as a Horticultural Inspector, rising to the position of Chief Horticulturalist and retired in 1935.

He made a major contribution to all aspects of horticultural crop production during his 47 years of public service.

George Quinn - SA's first Chief Horticulturalist (DOCX 101.7 KB)

Suter, Percy Hampden 1904–1939

Dairy Instructor and Government Dairy Expert

Percy Suter - Dairy Instructor and Government Dairy Expert   (DOC 494.5 KB)

Valentine, Charles Jonas 1834–1915

Chief Inspector of Stock and Brands

Charles Valentine was born in Sussex England and migrated to Victoria before being appointed as South Australia's Chief Inspector of Stock and Brands in 1865, in the Department of Stock and Brands. His appointment coincided with a period of drought where he regularly travelled into the northern pastoral areas, including the Northern Territory.

In 1905 the Stock and Brands Department was transferred to the Department of Agriculture and Intelligence, and after 40 years of service he retired.

Charles Valentine - Chief Inspector of Stock and Brands (DOC 88.5 KB)

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