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The Department of Agriculture has published a wide ranging and comprehensive number of publications, films and videos and photographs scanning well over a century.  The reports highlight the significance of the work undertaken by the Department of Agriculture, generally in partnership with industry.

The research undertaken by the Department and collaborators, delivered by Departmental Extension programs and adopted by industry has underpinned the development of many sectors and contributed to competitiveness and contribution to the State's economic well being.

The title of the agency used throughout this section reflects the actual name at the time. The Department of Agriculture existed as an entity from 1902 until 1992, except for the period 1975 to 1979 where it was titled the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.  Post 1992 the agency was called the Department of Primary Industries South Australia and from 1997 it became the Department of Primary Industries and Resources South Australia and later the Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia.

Browse this section of the history site to find reports, books, journals, manuscripts, films, videos, photos and reference lists designed to help further your reading about the history and growth of the Department of Agriculture and the agricultural industries in South Australia.

The structure of this section and some of the highlights include...

  • A selection of key strategic documents that are of a review nature or major significance to industry or industry organisations
  • A comprehensive listing of all key reports and publications prepared and released by the Department of Agriculture. These give an indication of some of the outcomes and achievements of the South Australian research heritage achieved by the Department between 1963 and 1986.
  • Pictorial collections of some of the best images captured throughout the timeline of agriculture in this State’s history include some brief histories. There are in addition more photographs available for download free from the Photo Database.
  • There is a bibliography section listing published material.
  • Explore the Maps area that will take you to the Atlas of South Australia website where the prompts will lead you to the following link: Home/Resources/Atlas of South Australia 1986/Production/Agriculture.
  • The 1989 Soil Conservation and Land Management Act required the Soil Conservation Boards to prepare District Plans.  This section contains plans produced by Soil Conservation Boards.

Prepared by:  This information about the range of reports and publications prepared by the Department was prepared by members of the History of Agriculture Working Group, Arthur Tideman, Bill Giles, Barry Philp (Journal of Agriculture, the range of Bulletin series, Experimental Record and Agricultural Record, Agronomy Branch Reports and Market Development Reports) , Phil Cole (Soil Conservation Branch Reports), Don Plowman (Technical Reports and Technical Papers), Tricia Fraser, and Trevor Roberts.
The Working Group particularly acknowledges the contribution of Rita Novia Senior Consultant, Documents and Records Management, PIRSA
Date:  August 2014

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