Dog Fence Act Amendment Act 1969

(incomplete?) SEPTEMBER 6, 1969, LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL, p2791

Second Reading

The Hon. C. R. STORY (Minister of Agriculture): I move:

Thai this Bill be now read a second time.

Its object is to increase the subsidy payable by the Government to the Dog Fence Board. Section 31 of the principal Act provided for a $1 for $1 subsidy for all rates levied by the board up to a maximum of 20c a square mile of ratable land. The proposed amendment will remove this limitation and provide that the subsidy payable will be in respect of all rates levied, without limitation.

Owing to increasing costs, the Dog Fence Board is finding difficulty in meeting its commitments and in fact is showing a deficit on its operations, and if the proposed amendment is agreed to it will have the effect of restoring the position to what it was before 1953, when the limitation of the amount of the Government’s subsidy was provided for by way of a proviso to section 31 of the principal Act as it then stood. This proposed amendment is provided for at clause 7. The remaining clauses are formal or make appropriate amendments consequential on the introduction of the system of decimal currency.

The Hon. S. C. BEVAN secured the adjournment of the debate.


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