1974 Dairy Produce Amendment Bill

p686-687  HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY  August 27, 1974

Second Reading

The Hon. J. D. CORCORAN (Minister of Works): I move:

That this Bill be now read a second time.

I seek leave to have the second reading explanation incorporated in Hansard without my reading it.

Leave granted.

Explanation of Bill

It is the second of three measures intended to facilitate the marketing of dairy blend. The principal Act, the Dairy Produce Act, is the vehicle by which the Dairy Produce Board of South Australia is established. One of the main functions of this board is to recommend and promulgate quotas for intrastate sales of butter and cheese within the framework of the Commonwealth Dairy Produce Equalisation Scheme. I am sure that all members who have an interest in this field will be aware of the application of this Act to butter and cheese. The effect of the amendments proposed by this Bill is to extend the application of the Dairy Produce Act to dairy blend.

Clauses 1 and 2 are formal. Clause 3 amends section 2 of the principal Act by inserting a definition of “dairy blend” in terms of the definition inserted in the Dairy Industry Act, 1928, as amended. This clause also extends the definition of “dairy produce” to encompass the product dairy blend. Clause 4 amends section 3 of the principal Act by providing that in the constitution of the Dairy Produce Board manufacturers of dairy blend will be recognized.

Clause 5 amends section 15a of the principal Act by extending the powers of the board to reporting on the wholesale price of dairy blend in the same way as it reports on the wholesale price of butter, and the powers of the Governor under this clause are consequently amended. Clause 6 amends section 16 of the principal Act and gives the board power to determine quotas for dairy blend in the same manner as it determines quotas for butter and cheese. Clause 7 amends section 17 of the principal Act and is an amendment to the penalty sections consequential on the increased powers of the board. In addition, paragraphs (b), (c) and (e) of this clause effect metric amendments. Clause 8 is a consequential amendment.

Mr. DEAN BROWN secured the adjournment of the debate.

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