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John R Goode document 'The History of Turretfield'

The following paper was compiled by the late John R Goode and written by Jason Hopton and has been provided for publication on the site by his family with thanks from Charlie Goode, Naracoorte. The paper details the early settlement of the area and early owners of the property including John Reid, G Causby and Henry Dundas Murray. A boiling down works was established on the site in 1849 to produce tallow when no markets were available for sheep. A section of the property was sold to Richard Holland and the house built in about 1854. The 1800 acres carried 5000 sheep and cropping soon commenced. Following a number of owners 2604 acres were purchased by the SA Government and a dairy and stud farm established in 1908 with the paper mentioning the various Officers’ in Charge until  the 1960s.

The History of Turretfield by John R Goode (PDF 1.3 MB or Page) OR HTML version

SARDI website 'Turretfield Research Centre'

The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), currently operates programs from Turretfield. View a brief history on the SARDI website.

Advertiser news article 'Researchers Cover the Field'

'Researchers cover the field', is an article published in 'The Advertiser' newspaper, Adelaide, on October 25, 1989. It outlines some of the coordinated research programs that were carried out at the Turretfield Research Centre. View the article:

Researchers cover the field (PDF 2.7 MB or Page) OR HTML version

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