Milang Irrigation Centre

As stated in the 1964 Field Day booklet (PDF 718.7 KB) the Milang Irrigation Centre was established in 1953 to demonstrate the irrigation potential of the Murray lakes district. Out of 35 acres leased by the Agriculture Department, 15 acres were developed under a border check system of flood irrigation and 15 acres were developed under spray irrigation.

Until 1957 lucerne and permanent pasture mixes were grown under both systems of irrigation. The irrigated fodder was used to fatten northern store cattle.

In 1957 a program was commenced to reorganise and equip Milang as a research centre and to investigate some of the basic problems of irrigated pasture management and production. By 1959 trials were in progress and by the end of 1961 the Centre was fully developed for experimental work.

In 1969 the Centre was closed and the equipment transferred to Struan Research Centre and a number of the staff including Roderick Ross and Fred Dolling transferred as well.

Staff known to have worked at Milang include Tony Morris (OIC), Phil Judd, Rod Ross, Bill Bagley, with other officers involved Kevin Boyce, Leith Wallace, John Doolette and Terry Heard.

1964 Milang Irrigation Centre Field Day Booklet (PDF 718.7 KB)

The details of what transpired in my time at Milang by Roderick Ross

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