Booboorowie Experimental Farm

There are files in the SA Archives dealing with the Booborowie Experimental Farm. The Main Block of this farm was situated on Section 468 of the Hundred of Anne.

Information indicates that in 1915 a Mr Spafford and Mr Waddy were employed on the farm.  In 1930 Mr Bristowe was the Manager.

As with the management of all government assets around this time meticulous details were kept on all purchases and goods produced. From these records the Experimental Farm was operational for at least the period 1911 to 1934.

From the records it would seem that the farm itself produced most crop and livestock commodities including sheep, cattle, dairy, poultry and pigs.

The Records of Cultivation Plots contain information for the period 1915 to the last entry at 1930. The only crop that would seem to have been planted for the total time was Federation wheat.

The plot records are interesting in that it reflected farming practices at the time. The following is an example of a paddock record:

July 30 – Ploughed. 6 inches deep
July 31 – Harrowed
October 6 – Cultivated (S.J Cultivator)
October 28 – Cultivated (S.J Cultivator)

May 22 – Cultivated (S.J Cultivator)
May 22 – Drilled 75 lb Federation wheat. 108 lb super/acre
June 6 – Germinated
December 26 – Ripe

February 6 – Reaped and cleared. Yield 2448 lb. Average 40 bushels
August 13 – Ploughed 6 inches
August 14 – Harrowed
October 9 – Harrowed
November 6–10 – Cultivated (S.J Cultivator)
November 26 – Cultivated (S.J Cultivator)

May 30 – Cultivated (S.J Cultivator)
May 31 – Drilled 75 lb Federation wheat. 220 lb super/acre

January 3 – Stripped and cleared. Total grain 1904 lbs. Yield per acre 31 bushels 44 lbs.

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