The Yamba road block was set up in March 1957 to protect South Australia from any fruit fly outbreaks that are likely to occur inter State.  Initially the road block operated from a caravan which was located on the Sturt Highway, at the Victorian border.  Currently it operates from a permanent site located east of Renmark. 

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The Yamba Roadblock

The Advertiser — Honouring 50 years of defying fruit flies, 14 March 2007 (PDF 300.2 KB)

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Mildura Weekly — Yamba fruit fly block turns 50, 9 March 2007 (PDF 195.0 KB)
Eight million border crossings, 977,000 kilograms of fruit seized from 557,000 vehicles...

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982 vehicles inspected at road block at Easter — 25 bushels of fruit (PDF 757.5 KB)

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History of Agriculture in South Australia - YAMBA Photographs 

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