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Excerpt from page 3 of “Farming Forum”, November 1973, Journal; Issue No. 1, written by Marshal Irving, then Director of Agriculture.

Whether primary producers are experiencing good times or bad, they will have to make important economic decisions. Most decisions will affect the running of a single farm business, such as the decision whether or not to buy a new header. Others, like the recent Merino export referendum, will affect a great number of primary producers.

Whatever the type of decision, the Department of Agriculture should be providing producers with information that will assist their decision-making.

“Farming Forum”, produced by the Department’s Economic Section, is an attempt to do this in areas of farm management and general agricultural policy. As such it complements the already established “Rural Market Outlook”. The first issue provides examples of the types of article that will appear. “Leasing Farm Machinery” and “Machinery Syndication” discuss alternatives to buying one’s own machinery replacements. Of relevance to a large proportion of producers is another article discussing the effects of recent Government moves in raising interest rates to combat inflation. “Prosperity Bonds” discusses a recent proposal by a farmer organisation to encourage rural saving as a safeguard against a possible future rural slump.

“Farming Forum”, as its name suggests, is a place for discussion of ideas pertinent to today’s rural producers. It is believed that such discussion will give producers a clearer picture of their problems and alternatives, and in so doing will enable them to make better decisions.

Issues of Farming Forum Journal

The first issue of “Farming Forum” was published in November 1973. Subsequent issues were produced quarter yearly until December 1981. Please see link Index to Farming Forum (PDF 6.5 MB).

Farming Forum Journals are kept at the University of Adelaide Library. Please click link below to view catalogue.

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