Wine Industry Funds

Six wine industry funds currently operate in the following South Australian wine regions:

  • Adelaide Hills
  • Langhorne Creek
  • McLaren Vale
  • Riverland
  • Barossa
  • Clare Valley

In addition, the SA Grape Growers Industry Fund has been established for the SA grape growing industry.

These Funds were established under the Primary Industry Funding Schemes Act 1998.

Who contributes to the Wine Industry Funds?

Wineries act as collection agents for contributions made by grape growers and/or winemakers. The contributions are paid into a fund that is administered by PIRSA then a payment is made by PIRSA to a body representing the fund contributors.

Depending on the Fund, contributions are payable by:

  • A grower of wine grapes.
  • A winemaker who purchases grapes from a grower.
  • A winemaker who grows their own grapes.

All SA grape growers (not including winemakers who grow grapes) are required to contribute to the SA Grape Growers Industry Fund.

Contributions: How to pay, and when

Winemakers who purchase grapes grown from any of the wine industry fund regions must forward to PIRSA the grower contribution and the winemaker contribution (if applicable) by 30 June each year.

Download contribution forms

Information required on each contribution form includes:

  • The  name of each grower.
  • Tonnage processed.
  • Amount of contribution.
  • An email address.

Rate of contributions

The amount of contributions payable varies between the funds, and is determined by industry.

Payment methods

  • For grape growers: The winemaker deducts the appropriate amount from the grape grower’s payment and sends it to PIRSA.
  • For winemakers: The winemaker works out their contribution and sends it to PIRSA.

More information about Wine industry funds contributions

Contribution amounts for 2015

Region where grapes are grown

Grower Contribution
(where grapes not
grown by the winemaker)

Winemaker Contribution
(on grapes not grown by the winemaker)

Grower/Winemaker    Contribution
(where winemaker is also the grower of the grapes)

Adelaide Hills

$6.50 per tonne

$6.50 per tonne

$13.00 per tonne


$8.00 per tonne

$7.00 per tonne

$7.00 per tonne

Clare Valley

$4.00 per tonne


Up to 500 tonnes -
$2.00 per tonne

500 to 1,000 tonnes -
$1.00 per tonne

1,000 to 3,000 tonnes -
$0.75 per tonne

In excess of 3,000 tonnes -
$0.50 per tonne


Langhorne Creek

$5.15 per tonne

$3.60 per tonne

$8.75 per tonne

McLaren Vale

$7.90 per tonne

$10.50 per tonne

$10.50 per tonne


0.5% of amount payable to grower for delivered grapes

$0.35 per tonne

$1.35 per tonne

SA Grape Growers Fund (in addition to regional fund contributions)

$1.00 per tonne



* Winemakers who grow Clare grapes will contribute on a cumulative, sliding scale. For example, a winemaker growing 600 tonnes of Clare region grapes would pay (500 x $2.00) + (100 x $1.00) = $1,100.

Refund of contributions

Contributions are compulsory, but a contributor can request that their payment be refunded. To claim a refund, you must:

  1. complete the appropriate refund form
  2. provide documentary evidence (such as a weighbridge docket) that the contribution has been collected
  3. make the refund claim by 31 May in the relevant year.

Download refund forms

If you claim and receive a refund, you cannot receive direct benefits or services funded by payments from a wine fund for two years.

Ultimately, it is for individual winemakers and grape growers to determine whether they will contribute to a Wine Industry Fund in order to receive the benefits or services funded by payments from the Fund.

What Wine Industry Fund contributions are used for

The Funds support the following organisations in promoting and developing the regions, as outlined below.

Wine Industry Funds management plans

It is a requirement of the Primary Industry Funding Schemes Act 1998  that management plans are prepared. The following management plans relate to the operations of the seven wine industry funds, not the operation of the organisations that receive payments from the fund. They are framed in general terms with relatively broad objectives and deal with the accounting issues relevant to the fund, including how the money from the fund is spent.


For further information about the Wine Industry Funds contact:

Simon Treloar
Grape and Wine Group
Primary Industries and Regions SA
101 Grenfell Street

Phone: +61 8 8226 3517