Recycled water

Recycled water is increasingly being identified as a valuable resource for primary production within South Australia. The use of this water source provides both environmental benefits from reduced wastewater discharge, and primary production benefits through reduced input costs and a higher degree of reliability and supply than other sources.

nullStormwater Water that flows off roofs, properties and roads during rain events

Wastewater Contaminated water before it undergoes any form of treatment. The water may be contaminated with solids, chemicals, or changes in temperature.

Recycled water Water derived from wastewater systems or stormwater drainage systems that has been treated to a standard that is appropriate for its intended use.

Some of the benefits of utilising recycled water for irrigation are:

  • Guaranteed water supply
  • Supply of water quality underpinned with a comprehensive water quality assurance program
  • Security for investment in agricultural enterprises
  • Recycling of valuable nutrients

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