The Etiella degree-day model

Etiella moth (Etiella behrii) is a pest of lentil crops in spring. Effective control of Etiella relies on controlling the adults with insecticides before they lay eggs on lentil pods. Therefore, understanding the timing of moth flights is critical. The SARDI Etiella degree-day model uses maximum and minimum daily temperature data to forecast the timing of peak Etiella flight activity for the various lentil growing districts. The model can be downloaded here (XLSX 23.7 KB).

Temperature data for your local region can be obtained from the Bureau of Metereology website and must be entered into the model from 21st June onwards. The date when the model predicts the critical value of 351 degree day accumulations is the date to commence crop monitoring. Currently, model values at 1st September, 2015 are: Kadina  - 197; Minlaton  - 184; Roseworthy  - 187; Horsham  - 139. Detailed instructions for running the model yourself can be obtained by emailing Bill Kimber ( We will continue to provide updated model predictions in each issue of PestFacts.

<i>Etiella</i> moth
Etiella moth
<i>Etiella</i> larva and pea damage
Etiella larva and pea damage

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