Upper Spencer Gulf heavy industry hub feasibility study

Upper Spencer Gulf heavy industry hub feasibility study

A major study was commissioned by PIRSA for the South Australian Government and completed in 2012, highlighting how the Upper Spencer Gulf region can boost regional development opportunities from the growing resources and energy sectors.

The study aimed to determine the needs of future mining and major development projects in the Upper Spencer Gulf and the capacity of local industry to meet them.

The Upper Spencer Gulf is the ideal location to connect business and investment and further develop the area as a heavy industry hub.

The report can act as a guide for industry and government to work together to further grow the resources and energy sectors.

Prepared by the KPMG and GHD, the report presented a number of recommendations involving:

  • regional development coordination and implementation
  • improving the capability of local and South Australian mining services companies to contract with the mining industry
  • skills, training and workforce development
  • common use infrastructure investment;
  • and land availability and zoning.
  • Upper Spencer Gulf Heavy Industry Hub feasibility study (PDF 1.7 MB).
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