Aboriginal Partnership Unit

The Aboriginal Partnerships Unit (APU) is a dedicated, central point of contact providing leadership and strategic advice on Aboriginal engagement across Primary Industries and Regions SA. We encourage and support Aboriginal engagement, employment and economic development outcomes throughout PIRSA, aligned with the aspirations of Aboriginal people.

The APU provides specialist consultancy services to capture and deliver on opportunities for Aboriginal South Australians to participate in primary industries. Some of the projects supported by the unit, currently underway, include:

  • The successful North West Indigenous Pastoral Project, which was recently extended with an additional $1.5 million grant in the 2015-16 State Government Budget.
  • Progressing PIRSA’s Reconciliation Action Plan (PDF 1.1 MB) actions, including the establishment of the PIRSA Aboriginal Reference Group
  • The National Cultural Flows Research Project, which is working to secure a future where Aboriginal water allocations are embedded within Australia's water planning and management regimes.
  • PIRSA’s Aboriginal Scholarship program, in partnership with University of Adelaide, which this year has been awarded to four Aboriginal students.
  • First Steps Program, a training program designed to support Aboriginal people to gain and retain employment. Under First Steps, PIRSA is providing entry-level positions and workplace experience across PIRSA, with mentoring and support to identify and pursue ongoing career development.

As a central contact point across PIRSA, the APU provides support and specialist consultancy services to identify and capture new opportunities for Aboriginal South Australians to participate in primary industries. Services include: project management, development of business cases, engagement proposals and plans, as well as cultural awareness training and community facilitation services.


For more information or to discuss Aboriginal engagement opportunities please contact us:

Rowena Brown
Phone: (08) 8429 0436
Mobile: 0476 809 930
Email: rowena.brown@sa.gov.au

Tamarind Meara
Phone: (08) 8429 0581
Mobile: 0491 215 318
Email: tamarind.meara@sa.gov.au

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