Upper Spencer Gulf & Outback Futures Program

The Upper Spencer Gulf and Outback Futures Program supports projects resulting in economic growth and employment outcomes and the provision of critical community infrastructure in the area.

Grant funding is available between $50,000 and $200,000 for small projects in the eligible area. The Upper Spencer Gulf and Outback Futures Program has a maximum of $2 million in total available for the 2015-16 year. Leveraged funding applies at a minimum ratio of $1 for each $1 grant.

The downturn in the resources sector has resulted in job loss announcements throughout the Upper Spencer Gulf and Outback area. This has impacted on regional centres through a decline in demand for resource sector support services.

The Government is seeking to support the region to achieve economic recovery by offering assistance to projects that will contribute to the economic diversification, resilience and capacity building of these communities.

The Upper Spencer Gulf and Outback area has a solid base of small to medium enterprises with the ability to substantially contribute to the economic recovery of the region.

There is great scope for these businesses to be assisted in growing their individual and collective capabilities, to provide stimulus for the generation of new business activity and to maximise the opportunity for involvement of the region in jobs creation and the sustainability and growth of these communities.

Eligibility and application information

For information about the $5m available to Upper Spencer Gulf and Outback through the Regional Development Fund, go to the Regional Development Fund page.

To learn more about other support packages and community engagement information go to the Upper Spencer Gulf and Outback website

Applications closed

Applications have now closed.  


Contact the Regions SA Grants Manager on (08) 8429 0506 for more information.

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