Bundaleer pipeline scheme

Project proposals are being sought for the agricultural use of water from the Bundaleer Reservoir – visit www.tenders.sa.gov.au

Bundaleer Pipeline Scheme

The Bundaleer Pipeline Scheme will provide an economical source of water to industry, accelerating and expanding high quality agricultural production, creating jobs, encouraging on-farm investment and supporting the region's agricultural economic development.

Early engagement in the region revealed strong interest from industry in using water from the scheme for agricultural purposes, and SA Water is now calling for project proposals.

The State Government has committed $3.18 million from the Regional Development Fund towards the development of the scheme. An application to the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund was unsuccessful in the first funding round, and so alternate funding options will now be explored. In the interim SA Water is calling for project proposals from the private sector to formalise industry demand for the water.

The community would still be able to access the Bundaleer Reservoir for recreational fishing while the water is being used for agricultural purposes.

At full production, the Bundaleer Pipeline Scheme would include a distribution network with more than 12km of pipeline, a pump station and a storage tank. Water would be supplied and delivered to the farm gate, with on-farm delivery, on-farm storage, treatment and monitoring the responsibility of the end user, delivering:

  • an additional 275 megalitres a year for agriculture
  • new agricultural activity generating around $4.6 million revenue for the region
  • opportunities for industry growth and expansion.

Regional growth

The Bundaleer Reservoir is located in a corridor of high value agricultural production running from Two Wells to Whyalla.

The area is poised to become one of the nation's most vibrant and successful agriculture production corridors - creating jobs and generating a wealth of connected opportunities and revenue along the way.

Other Northern Reservoirs

Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) and project partner SA Water undertook a feasibility study, consulting with interested parties and local stakeholders to understand their aspirations for use of the water from the reservoirs.

The feasibility study found that accessing water from Beetaloo Reservoir would not be affordable. SA Water and PIRSA are now working with interested customers to explore other ways to meet their water needs.

Accessing water from Baroota Reservoir is not being pursued, as consultation revealed a lack of demand for the water that is available.

Developing new infrastructure to deliver up to 275 megalitres of water per year from the Bundaleer Reservoir to meet local agricultural demand was identified as the most feasible option.

The Bundaleer Pipeline Scheme will provide an additional water source to industry in the Mid North, at an affordable price.

SA Water will work with industry to develop service agreements at an agreed price.

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SA Water
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