Premium food and wine Co-Innovation Cluster Program

The Premium Food and Wine Co-Innovation Cluster Program is a State Government regional development initiative to support local regional agriculture, food and wine businesses to become more:

  • collaborative
  • productive
  • globally competitive.

Innovation clusters are a widely recognised concept used worldwide as an effective means to stimulate urban and regional economic growth. It is now widely accepted that the productivity and competitiveness of industries that participate in such an initiative improves significantly.

This initiative aims to improve the long-term growth and competitiveness of South Australian agriculture, food and wine industries.

It aims to achieve this by establishing a regional co-innovation cluster pilot program, starting in the Murraylands and Riverland, and Limestone Coast regions.

The cluster program, once established, also has the potential to contribute to:

  • increased reliability of supply
  • consistency of quality
  • the demonstration of strong environmental credentials
  • more customer-focused produce differentiation.

Businesses part of a cluster are more likely to collaborate and innovate than independent firms.

Usually they collaborate and share information for common goals, such as:

  • sharing market intelligence
  • preparing tools and guidance materials
  • collaborating on common training and marketing needs.

This collaboration leads to a greater return on investment for enterprises, regions and the state.

This key regional development program will support willing businesses to collaborate to overcome limitations in:

  • developing sustainable supply chains
  • improving productivity
  • increasing innovation capacity
  • facilitating commercialisation of innovation
  • generating employment.

What is a cluster?

Since emerging as an economic tool in the 1990s, cluster development is recognised internationally as an effective tool to stimulate urban and regional economic growth.

Clusters facilitate the building of partnerships to initially prioritise and then activate local economic development opportunities.

Cluster initiatives are usually projects organised as collaborations between a range of groups including:

  • private businesses
  • government agencies
  • academic institutions.

Activities usually involve areas such as:

  • supply-chain development
  • market intelligence
  • management training
  • research and development initiatives
  • regional marketing
  • determining technical standards.

About the cluster program

Funding of $2.6 million was announced for the Innovation Clusters Program in the 2013-14 State Budget.

The four year cluster program aims to support regional food and wine-related businesses to explore new opportunities for growth and innovation.

The ultimate aim of the cluster project is to encourage and support collaboration between members. However, cluster projects potentially also draw on other sectors and groups for support and advice.

PIRSA’s cluster program aims to support the establishment of regional agriculture, food and wine innovation clusters, particularly in the development stage. The program will encourage and support collaboration between members of the applicant group and potentially other relevant stakeholders.

Cluster program contacts

Jack Langberg
Cluster Program Coordinator
Phone: (08) 8204 9571

Tim Smythe
Regional Manager Murraylands and Riverland
Phone: (08) 8595 9153

Peta Crewe
Regional Manager Limestone Coast
Phone: (08) 8735 1224

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