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Portia Gold Project Mining Lease Proposal

Benagerie Gold Pty Ltd (subsidiary of Havilah Resources NL) has made application pursuant to Section 35A (1) of the Mining Act 1971 ("Act") for a Mineral Lease over MC 3669, 3935-3940, Block 121, Out of Hundred Curnamona, Benagerie Station, approximately 95 km North of Olary for the construction and operation of the Portia Gold Project Trial Pit. The purpose of the Mineral Lease is for the recovery of copper, gold, lead, molybdemum and zinc.

The documents submitted by Benagerie Gold Pty Ltd in support of their application describes the type of operation proposed and the measures to rehabilitate the land.

Portia Gold Project - Mining Lease Proposal (.pdf 11.3mb)
Portia Gold Project - Supporting Appendices (.pdf 16.4mb)

Any comments you wish to make on this proposal should be sent to:

Mr Frank Potts
Assessment Officer
Mining Regulation and Rehabilitation Branch
Level 5, 101 Grenfell Street
Adelaide SA 5001

Please respond by 30 April 2009 with any factors that should be considered in the assessment of this application.

If you require more time to respond or have any queries regarding this application, please contact Frank Potts on telephone 8226 2804 or email Frank.Potts@sa.gov.au