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PACE 2020

PACE 2020: Plan for accelerating exploration (2010–2014)

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The current generation initiative focused on supporting mineral exploration in South Australia through regional geophysical surveys, mapping and drilling to deliver new data, research and technologies that influence the success of exploration in the state, reducing risk and allowing more informed company decision making.

More about PACE Frontiers

Collaborative Mineral Systems Drilling Program in eastern Gawler Craton

As part of the PACE Frontiers work program expressions of interest are invited from industry to collaborate with the Department of State Development and the Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre (DET CRC) to
  • Enhance geological understanding of a mineralised district
  • Test new, innovative drilling technologies and mineral system mapping

More about the Mineral Systems Drilling Program and proposal submission forms

Program delivers outstanding return on Government investment

News release

PACE evaluation reportThe Evaluation of the Plan for Accelerating Exploration (.pdf 2.33Mb)
An assessment of the PACE program with recommendations for the continuation of the program, April 2014

PACE 2020 progress report 2010-12PACE 2020 progress report 2010–12 (.pdf 3.1Mb)
PACE 2020 outcomes and milestones delivered to the State between 2010 and 2012

PACE 2020 continues to drive exploration in South Australia

Mineral exploration in South Australia 2012-13Mineral Exploration in South Australia 2012-13 (.pdf)
Commodity highlights and achievements of the exploration industry in
South Australia for 2012-13

Geophysical surveys of
Woomera Prohibited Area in the Gawler Craton and of the Marree region

For technical information about the minerals industry in South Australia follow


About PACE 2020

Download PACE 2020 brochure (pdf 5.4Mb)

PACE 2020

PACE 2020 is a $10.2 million expansion of the South Australian Government's successful $30.9 million PACE initiative launched in 2004. The expansion of the PACE initiative is aimed at advancing resource exploration and mining developments in the State.

PACE 2020 maintains the core principles of economic stimulation, accessibility to land, development of sustainable exploration and mining, increasing cultural awareness and balancing development with the environment.

PACE 2020 will focus efforts on four key work programs specifically designed to drive forward mining development, and will continue to act as the primary mechanism in building South Australia’s international profile and strengthening investor confidence in the state’s resources sector:

PACE exploration PACE mining PACE energy PACE global

Pathways to prospectivity

  • Multidisciplinary mineral systems analysis
  • Multidisciplinary approach with mineral systems focus

Pathways to discovery

  • New statewide and regional datasets
  • New geophysics and spectral data
  • Multi-element reanalysis of historic calcrete samples

Innovation through integration

  • Unique and innovative products and data delivered through SARIG 2020
  • 3D modelling of mineral systems and prospective terranes

PACE partnerships

  • PACE targeting - geophysical surveying
  • PACE discovery drilling - exploration drilling
  • PACE geochronology - mineral systems dating

Discovery to development

  • Six-month target approvals for mining lease assessment
  • Online tenement applications, tracking, management and reporting

Next generation policy

  • World's best practice in resources industry regulation and management
  • Next generation suite of industry policies and guidelines

Water for mining

  • Partnerships with key agencies and industry to address water issues
  • Mapping the state's groundwater systems


  • Community engagement strategy and toolkits for industry
  • Continuing support for regional and remote communities

SA geothermal

  • Partnership with the South Australian Centre for Geothermal Energy Research
  • Precompetitive data, state prospectivity model and reservoir modelling
  • Research into enhanced (engineered) geothermal systems (EGS) and hot sedimentary aquifer (HSA) systems

Unconventional gas resources

  • Investigation of South Australia's unconventional gas potential
  • Research into factors affecting productivity in unconventional reservoirs


  • Support for the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC), Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide
  • Research into carbon capture and storage methods and technologies

Data pathways

  • Launch and expansion of SARIG 2020
  • National Virtual Core Library online
  • Digitising of historic company reporting

South Australian resources analysis

  • Triple bottom line Minerals ScoreCard
  • South Australian minerals industry annual review

Building awareness

  • Linking investors with explorers
  • Fostering greater awareness of the resources sector
  • South Australian Minerals and Petroleum Expert Group (SAMPEG) ambassadors

More information

For more information about the PACE initiative please contact:

General Manager PACE 2020
Mr Miles Davies
Phone: +61 8 8463 3159
Email: Miles.Davies@sa.gov.au

PACE Marketing
Mrs Tania Davies
Phone: +61 8 8463 3012
Email: Tania.Davies@sa.gov.au