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Underground Mine or Quarry Manager's Certificates in South Australia

Application forms and documents

The relevant information and criteria requirements for persons seeking to obtain an underground mine or quarry manager's certificate in South Australia include:

Application form

If paying by credit card please use the Credit card payment form (.pdf 27.4kb)

Information for second class quarry manager certificates

The Handbook on Quarrying can be purchased for $35 from the Resource Information Centre: phone +61 8 8463 3000

The Board of Examiners for Mine Managers

The Board of Examiners for Mine Managers (Board) is made up of industry representatives and the Chief Inspector of Mines, Department of State Development (DSD) who presides as Chairperson. 

The Board assess, and approve or not, applications from persons seeking to be granted underground mine or quarry manager's certificates of competency, under the provisions of the South Australian Mines and Works Inspection Regulations 2013 (Regulations), and the 'Guidelines for persons applying for a underground mine or quarry manager's certificate of competency(Guidelines). 

The Board is responsible for all decisions in relation to an application; the Administrator of the Board is not involved in any decision making processes regarding applications. 

Experience requirements

All applicants require a minimum 3 (three) years relevant underground (for underground mines) or quarrying (for above ground quarries) experience to apply for a certificate, with at least 1 (one) years worth of relevant 'hands on' experience out of the total three years required. An applicant must also be at least 25 years of age.

First class certificates

A degree or diploma in mining engineering or equivalent is required for first class certificates which allow for the management of operations where more than 20 persons are employed (refer to the Regulations and Guidelines). 

A mining law examination is also required to be passed.

Second class certificates

Applicants who do not have the relevant degree or diploma may be eligible to apply for a second class certificate which will only allow for the management of operations where up to 19 persons are employed (refer to the Regulations and Guidelines). 

There are four examinations required to be passed to obtain a second class quarry manager’s certificate (Quarrying, Explosives, Quarry Machinery and Mathematics). For information regarding the content of these examinations please refer to Appendix 1 below. There is also a Handbook on Quarrying available to purchase that may be of assistance.
A mining law examination is also required to be passed after the four examinations above have been successfully passed.

Restricted certificates

There is provision for restricted certificates, however a covering letter from your employer explaining why a restriction is sought will be required.

Submission and assessment of applications

Applicants who apply for a certificate must ensure that all required information is included in the application as per the Application Checklist. Not submitting all required information in the application to the Board’s satisfaction can result in unneccessary delays as the applicant may be required to provide further information or clarification before a decision can be made.

Once an application has been assessed by the Board, you will be advised in writing of the outcome as to whether your application has been approved or not and/or if further information or clarification is required.