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Licensing & Regulation

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South Australia possesses a wealth of minerals which are the property of the Crown.

Exploration and mining cannot be undertaken either on Crown or private land unless in accordance with the provisions of the following acts and regulations:

  • Mining Act 1971 and Mining Regulations 2011 made under the Act
  • Offshore Minerals Act 2000
  • Opal Mining Act 1995.

See the Legislation page on this website for more information about the provisions of these Acts and Regulations

DMITRE's Mineral Resources Division is responsible for a wide range of access, legislation and administrative roles that are critical within the South Australian exploration and mining industry.

These responsibilities include:

  • Administration, regulation and review of policies and legislation
  • Evaluating and improvement of Government processes
  • Administration of the various mining acts, agreements and regulations
  • Approval and management of all types of mineral tenements and licences
  • Monitoring and Facilitation of emerging mineral projects and resource developments
  • Administration and assessment of mineral royalty payments

DMITRE is committed to the principles of effective and efficient regulation outlined in the regulatory framework and policy statement.

Depending on the nature and location of the tenement, approvals and/or consultation may be required pursuant to legislation covering environmental, planning and Aboriginal issues.