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Services Directory Registration Form

Please read the Conditions of use before submitting your details for consideration for inclusion on the South Australian Mineral Services Directory.

The Minerals and Energy Resources Information Management and Assessment Officer may contact you if your submission requires editing or clarification of any details.

Conditions of use

Please note that registration is subject to the acceptance of the following conditions.

  • All fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.
  • The company or individual is required to have a business address within South Australia or be in partnership with a company investing in the South Australian minerals industry.
  • The directory coordinator retains the right to edit service summaries when necessary.
  • The directory coordinator retains the right to reject an application due to its relevance or appropriateness of the service to the South Australian Minerals Industry.
  • The email address of the company or individual will be added to a database used to contact registrants for directory changes, modifications and updates to information.
  • The inclusion of an entry does not imply the endorsement by the Department of State Development (DSD) of the company's or individual's products or services.

Type of submission

PART 1 - Company contact details

PART 2 - Company service details

Select from the drop-down list.

Enter details of the service(s) you provide. Entries over 100 words will be shortened.

PART 3 - Additional comments

Please feel free to make any comments in regard to your entry or the service directory in general
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