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Frome Embayment AEM Survey

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Frome Embayment TEMPEST AEM SurveyData for download

Final data

Frome Embayment TEMPEST AEM Survey, South Australia, 2010 Final Data (P1231) (external site)

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Inversion report and data package

Frome Embayment TEMPEST AEM Survey data (external site)

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Purchase report and data package from Geoscience Australia

Borehole data

Borehole induction conductivity data, commonly referred to as conductivity logs were acquired from 20 boreholes in the Frome region.

These can be used to assist in generating reference models for geophysical inversions of the AEM data.
Logistics report for borehole conductivity logging in the Frome AEM survey area 

Frome AEM survey interpretation workshop presentations

The Frome Embayment Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) survey consists of 32,300 line km, covering a total area of 95,000 km2, flown between 19 May and 2 November 2010.

The survey provides reliable, pre-competitive AEM data and scientific analysis of the energy resource potential of the Frome region of South Australia, including the flanks of the Northern Flinders Ranges, the Frome Embayment, the Olary Ranges and the northwestern Murray Basin.

Extensive Mesozoic to Cenozoic cover blankets this highly prospective area, which hosts major palaeochannel-type uranium deposits at Beverley, Four Mile, Honeymoon and Goulds Dam.

The survey was conducted under Geoscience Australia's Onshore Energy Security Program (OESP), a program designed to reveal new information about regions considered prospective for energy resources.

Through PACE 2020, the South Australian government partnered with Geoscience Australia to fund additional infill lines (2.5km spacing) in key regions of interest. The survey also saw contributions from exploration companies active in the area.

More information about the survey is available on the Geoscience Australia website (opens in new window).  

In addition to the Frome Embayment AEM traverses, Cariewerloo AEM traverses west of the Flinders Ranges have been released by the Resource and Energy Group of DMITRE (formerly part of PIRSA).

Frome AEM Survey Interpretation Workshop presentations, 30 November 2011.

The Onshore Energy Security Program, The Frome AEM Survey, South Australia (pdf 3.4Mb)
Ned Stoltz, Group Leader Geophysics, Minerals and Natural Hazards Division, Geoscience Australia

Introduction to the Frome Embayment Airborne Electromagnetic Survey, AEM - Data Collection and Processing (.pdf 10.7Mb)
Marina Castelloe and Ian Roach, Minerals and Natural Hazards Division, Geoscience Australia

Interpretations from the Frome airborne electromagnetic survey (.pdf 13.5Mb)
Ian Roach, Continental Geophysics Section, Minerals and Natural Hazards Division, Geoscience Australia

Frome AEM survey: interpretation around the southern Callabonna Sub-basin (.pdf 6.8Mb)
Adrian Fabris, Geological Survey of South Australia and Ian Roach, Geoscience Australia

AEM for Leigh Creek-Marree Structural Mapping (.pdf 5.5Mb)
Tania Wilson, Geological Survey of South Australia and Ian Roach, Geoscience Australia

The Fractal Dimension of the Frome AEM data (.pdf 3.2Mb)
Graham Heinson, Jon Kirby, Kent Inverarity, Katherine Stoate, Tania Dhu

Sandstone-hosted Uranium (and Gold) mineral systems in the Frome region: Implications of AEM data (.pdf 2.2Mb)
Subhash Jaireth, with assistance from Geoscience Australia AEM team and PIRSA (now DMITRE) geologists

The Frome airborne electromagnetic survey (.pdf 822.0kb)
Ian Roach, Continental Geophysics Section, Minerals and Natural Hazards Division, Geoscience Australia

Callabonna uranium - AEM and the Curnamona Project (.pdf 7.9Mb)
George Ross, Exploration Manager, Callabonna Uranium Ltd