Mid North Forests – Future Strategy

Determining a way forward for the Wirrabara and Bundaleer forests.

The Mid-North Forests – Future Strategy is exploring the potential economic and management options for the Bundaleer and Wirrabara forests.

The strategy sets out a way forward for the community to consider the future of the Mid North Forests ravaged by bushfires in recent years and is being progressed by the State Government. 

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Mid North Forests - Future Strategy

Mid North Forest Productivity Maps

Land productivity maps of Bundaleer and Wirrabara forests have been released by to assist local communities in providing feedback on the future use of the forest areas burnt in recent fires.

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Bundaleer forest map (PDF 275.9 KB)
Wirrabara forest map   (PDF 289.5 KB)

Blueprint for the forest and wood products industry

After extensive consultation, SAFIAB has released its Blueprint for the Future South Australian Forest and Wood Products Industry (2014 – 2040). The Blueprint offers direction for activities that can achieve significant economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Forestry News

Blueprint delivers opportunities to grow SA’s forest industry
(24 Sept 2014)

About PIRSA Forestry

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) is responsible for the provision of:

  • Policy advice to the Minister and Government in relation to forestry, forest industries and associated environmental matters.
  • Programs to support forestry, farm forestry development and pest, disease and fire protection for the State’s forestry industries.
  • Programs that facilitate community benefits from forestry activities including public activities and biodiversity management within the State’s forest reserves.
These responsibilities reflect commitments that the government has made to support the economic development of forest-based industries and meeting a range of community and environmental expectations.

PIRSA Forestry has a role to play in achieving South Australia's Strategic Plan particularly Objective 1 - Growing Prosperity, but also contributes to Improving Wellbeing and Attaining Sustainability.

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