Reducing the risk of shark interactions

The risk of shark attack is extremely low. Take the following steps to minimise the risk of human and shark interactions:

  • Do not swim in areas where there are:
    • large schools of fish
    • pods of dolphins
    • seals
    • sea lions.
  • Do not enter the water if large sharks are known to be present and leave the water immediately and calmly if a shark is sighted.
  • Do not swim alone or too far from shore.
  • Avoid the water at dawn, dusk or at night, when some species of shark are known to come inshore to feed.
  • Always swim at patrolled beaches and stay between the flags.
  • Avoid swimming and scuba diving in water that is being used by recreational or commercial fishers, and areas where there are signs of bait fish or feeding activity.
  • Do not swim in:
    • murky waters
    • near a river mouth, after heavy rainfall
    • in deep channels
    • between sand bars or steep drop-offs.
  • Do not enter or remain in the water if you have open wounds or are bleeding.
  • Look carefully before jumping into the water from a boat or jetty.
  • Leave the water if schooling fish or other wildlife start to behave erratically or congregate in large numbers.
  • Refrain from excessive splashing and avoid having pets in the water with you.
Page Last Reviewed: 28 Jul 2017
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