Closures - Fiund out about the area and seasonal fishing closures that apply in SA

Blue crab commercial fishing closure
A temporary closure is in place for the commercial blue swimmer crab fishery along the Adelaide coastline and on the eastern side of the Yorke Peninsula.
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Snapper fishing spatial closures

PIRSA has confirmed the continuation of five Snapper spatial closures from midday 15 December 2014 to midday 31 January 2015.
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Lakes and Coorong Draft Plan
The Draft Management Plan for the South Australian Commercial Lakes and Coorong Fishery has been released for public consultation until 4 February 2015.
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Changes to recreational rock lobster devices - Northern Zone
New arrangements are in place for recreational rock lobster devices used in the Northern Zone of the rock lobster fishery.
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Port River Mud Cockle closure
The Port River Mud Cockle fishing closure has been extended until 30 June 2015 due to ongoing concerns about sustainability.
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Changes to commercial and recreational Blue Swimmer Crab fishing limits
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Spencer Gulf Cuttlefish closure
Cuttlefish fishing in northern Spencer Gulf has been closed until 14 February 2015.
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Recreational shark fishing restrictions
Restrictions on targeted recreational shark fishing in metropolitan waters have been updated.
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Protected species

Some fish species are protected and must not be taken:

  • at all times
  • during certain stages of their life cycle, for example during their reproductive period
  • during certain times of the year
  • from particular closed areas or reserves.

If protected species are caught they must be returned to the water immediately. Make sure your know how to handle your catch and safely release fish back into the water so they have the best chance of survival. Any person who takes or causes harm to a protected species can face a heavy fine.

Freshwater protected species 


Ambassis, Mogurnda, Nannoperca genus

(including spotted gudgeon, chanda perch and pygmy perch)

Protected at all times

A Agassiz' Chanda Perch

A Southern Gudgeon

A Ewen Pygmy Perch

A Southern Pygmy Perch

Blackfish, River Murray
Protected at all times
A River Blackfish
Catfish, River Murray
Protected at all times
A River Murray Catfish
Crayfish, River Murray Freshwater
Protected at all times
Murray Cod, River Murray

CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY (It is an offence to remove Murray Cod from the water.

Seasonal closure applies between 1 August and 31 December, inclusive. A ban has been placed on trolling from a moving vessel for all freshwater fish species within these dates.

The taking of Murray Cod is prohibited from any section of the Chowilla floodplain north of the River Murray (excluding the River Murray) between 34°9'46.70" South, 140°45'30.38" East (Ral Ral Creek) upstream to the River Murray at 34°1'14.60" South, 141°09.69" East (South Australia and New South Wales border).

A Murray Cod
Silver Perch, River MurrayProtected at all times
A Silver Perch
Trout Cod, River MurrayProtected at all times
A Trout Cod
Protected when eggs attached (it is an offence to physically remove eggs)

Southeast Freshwater Crayfish

Protected at all timesSoutheast Freshwater Crayfish, hard outer shell, large front claws, fanned tail

Marine protected species


Protected at all times in:

  • intertidal reefs
  • all aquatic reserves.
Blue groperProtected at all times in Gulf St Vincent, Spencer Gulf, Investigator Strait, Backstairs Passage. This area includes all the waters north of a line from Newland Head (southern Fleurieu Peninsula) to Cape Willoughby (eastern end of Kangaroo Island) and north of a line from West Bay (western end of Kangaroo Island) to Cape Carnot on southern Eyre Peninsula.groper
Bream (all species)Closed season 1 September to 30 November inclusive in the Onkaparinga River upstream of the Main South Road Bridge, Noarlungabream
Bugs (Slipper Lobster, eg Balmain Bugs)
Protected when carrying external eggs
Balmain Bug
Crab, blue swimmerProtected when carrying external eggsBlue Crab
Crab, giantProtected when carrying external eggscrab_giant
Crab, sandProtected when carrying external eggscrab_sand

Protected in the waters of False Bay, Whyalla (protection applies to all cephalopods i.e. Cuttlefish, Southern Calamari and Octopus).

Protected in the waters of northern Spencer Gulf until 27 March 2014.
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A Cuttlefish

White shark

Protected at all times

Great White Shark

Image © NSW DPI

Rock lobster

Protected at all times in all aquatic reserves, and in:

  • Cape Jaffa
  • Margaret Brock Reef (within 0.55 nautical miles of the light)
  • Rivoli Bay, including Penguin Island (from Glen Point to Cape Martin)
  • Gleeson landing

Northern zone
(west from longitude 139o04.80 including Kangaroo Island to the Western Australia border)

Closed season from 6.00 pm 31 May to 12 noon 1 November

Southern zone
(east from longitude 139o04.80 to the Victorian border)

Closed season from 6.00 pm 30 April to 6.00 am 1 October

A Southern Rock Lobster
SquidProtected in the waters of False Bay, WhyallaA Squid

Syngnathids family (all seadragons, seahorses, pipefish, pipehorses)

Protected at all times (a penalty of up to $4000 applies to anyone taking these fish)A Seahorse the Leafy Seadragon

Location coordinates

All coordinates given for locations are based on the Australian Geocentric Datum GDA94, which coincides almost exactly with WGS84. Some adjustments might be needed depending on the GPS navigational system used.

Marine mammals

All marine mammals including whales, seals, sea lions and dolphins are protected at all times in South Australian waters.

Any person causing harm to a marine mammal is liable to a heavy fine.

For more information or to report an offence phone Fishwatch on 1800 065 522 (24 hours).