To help protect and maintain our fish stocks for the future it is important that fishing rules and regulations are observed, both by commercial and recreational fishers. Fishwatch facilitates this by being a 24-hour service for the public to report illegal fishing activities, and other services outlined below.

Report illegal fishing activities

You can help by reporting any illegal activities to the 24 hour Fishwatch hotline on 1800 065 522.

Other methods for reporting, and more information about illegal fishing activities.

Report shark sightings and view the shark sightings log

View information about sharks, how to identify them, how to report shark sightings, and see reports of shark sightings.

Other Fishwatch services

The Fishwatch staff can also provide information about, and help with:

Reporting other activities related to fishing environment

As well as protecting fish stocks, we need to maintain and protect the environment in which they live.

Other agencies besides Fishwatch are able to take charge of the occurrences below: