National emergency arrangements

National emergency management arrangements and information

The national emergency plans and agreements below have specific implications for Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA).

National biosecurity arrangements 
The Commonwealth Department of Agriculture has information about:

  • biosecurity in Australia
  • quarantine
  • legislation
  • risk analysis
  • partnerships
  • emergency preparedness.

National pests and disease outbreaks
Information about:

  • current outbreaks
  • response plans
  • guidelines on how to protect your property
  • pest and disease information.

Animal Health Australia (AHA)
Information about national animal health programs. It includes disease surveillance and emergency animal disease preparedness.

Australian Veterinary Emergency Plan (AUSVETPLAN)
AUSVETPLAN is a series of technical response plans that describe the proposed Australian approach to an exotic disease incursion. Animal Health Australia created and maintains AUSVETPLAN.

Plant Health Australia
Plant Health Australia is the peak national body for plant health in Australia.

Find information about plant pests, plant health preparedness, and prevention system.

A set of national guidelines covering procedures for emergency plant pest incursions affecting the Australian plant industries. PLANTPLAN is maintained Plant Health Australia created and maintains PLANTPLAN.

The Australian Aquatic Veterinary Emergency Plan is a series of manuals. They outline Australia's approach to national disease preparedness, and response to aquatic animal disease emergencies.

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