Fruit fly

Fruit flies are the world's worst fruit pest. They destroy fruit and vegetables in commercial crops and home gardens. 

The horticultural product of South Australia which is vulnerable to fruit fly infestation is worth over $400 million annually. 

To keep South Australia free of fruit fly, there are quarantine restrictions on the movement of fruit and vegetables into the State - both produce carried by travellers and on commercially imported produce.

It is important that quarantine restrictions on movement of fruit and vegetables are strictly observed as outbreaks of fruit fly only occur if maggot-infested fruit is brought into the State.

Media Release: Recall of Victorian stone fruit after fruit fly maggots found in peaches (14 Feb 2014)

What we are doing to prevent fruit fly entering SA


Fact Sheet: Protection Against Fruit Fly (PDF 753.9 KB) - State Government control and education

See what's being done to keep fruit fly out of South Australia

Read the fruit fly video transcript

South Australia's front line fruit fly protection is provided by roadblocks that have been operating for 50 years. More than 600,000 vehicles pass through these quarantine stations each year. Honesty bins and random roadblocks operate throughout the State.

People detected carrying fruit and vegetables past these points can be fined under the Plant Health Act 2009. Additionally a statewide permanent surveillance trapping grid is maintained. Each week, inspectors check traps at over 3800 locations. The trapping grid provides an early warning system in the overall prevention program.

What you can do to keep SA fruit fly free

  • Don't bring fruit and vegetables into South Australia.
  • Manage your fruit trees properly by pruning your trees and maintaining a pest and disease control program. Remove all unwanted fruit trees.
  • Pick all fruit as it ripens. Don't leave ripe fruit on the tree or the ground.
  • Destroy unwanted fruit by boiling it or securing it inside a sealed plastic bag. Leave the bag in the sun for three days and then discard with the household green waste.

Call the Fruit Fly Hotline 1300 666 010:

  • if you find maggots in fruit or vegetables
  • if you suspect fruit fly or other plant pests or diseases.

Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone

People planning to visit fruit-growing regions along the River Murray in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales known as the Fruit Fly Excluson Zone (FFEZ) (PDF 92.8 KB).

Further information about the FFEZ for the state you're visiting.

Greater Sunraysia pest free area

The Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area is a new zone located within the existing FFEZ. It is renowned for the production of high value horticultural crops including citrus, table grapes and stone fruit. The Pest Free Area is aligned to this production area to provide greater fruit fly control measures.

Read more information about what the Great Sunraysia Pest Free Area is and restrictions around taking fruit and vegetables into the area.

What we are doing to control and eradicate fruit fly

Biosecurity SA uses a combination of organic bait spotting and Sterile Insect Technique against outbreaks of  fruit fly.

More information

You can find more information about the life cycle of fruit fly, how disease outbreaks can be detected and eradicated and what is being done to prevent outbreaks in South Australia in the Important information about fruit fly fact sheet.

Citrus Australia is the national peak body of the Australian citrus growing industry and provides advice and seasonal updates about managing Fruit Fly.

The Victorian Department of Primary Industries and Department of Primary Industries New South Wales also have information about fruit fly.


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