About weeds and pest animals

Weeds and vertebrate pests jeopardise agricultural production, conservation values, and human safety in many ways. They variously eat or compete with crops, pasture, livestock and native flora and fauna, contaminate crops and seeds, harbour and spread disease, degrade the resource base on which production depends, reduce the value of the conservation estate and may be toxic to people, livestock or native animals.

Weeds and vertebrate pests of concern may not have yet entered South Australia, or may have entered recently and be still spreading, or may be fully established and occupying all suitable habitat in the state.

Biosecurity SA applies specialist technical, policy and scientific expertise for the coordinated control of declared plants and animals under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004.  Biosecurity SA works closely with Natural Resources Management Boards and other state and national stakeholders to implement policies for the prevention, eradication, containment and/or impact reduction of weeds and vertebrate pests.  The Dog Fence Board, oversees the maintenance of the Dog Fence to protect South Australia’s sheep industry from dingoes.

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Significant detections in South Australia

Have you seen a new weed or pest animal?

Early detection and quick action can prevent new weeds and pest animals from becoming established in South Australia.  Report new pests so they can be stopped early.

NRM Biosecurity contacts

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