Beekeeper registration

Any person who keeps honeybees must register as a beekeeper every 12 months.

You must register regardless of the:

  • number of hives
  • purpose for keeping honeybees (ie. You must register even if only keeping one hive in the backyard, for interest)
  • type of hives (including: observation hives, nucleus hives, Top bar hives, Warre hives, and Flow hives).


New beekeepers must register using the:

Renewing beekeepers

Renewing beekeepers will receive an annual renewal notice and Beekeeper registration renewal form at least 6 weeks before their existing registration expiry date.

All renewing beekeepers are required to demonstrate compliance with specific regulations as part of their registration process.

All beekeepers must:

Beekeepers owning 20 or more hives must also submit a copy of an American Foulbrood laboratory honey test result undertaken on honey that has been:

Beekeepers owning 50 or more hives must also submit a copy of a pass result from a Chief Inspector of Stock biosecurity approved competency test delivered by a Chief Inspector of Stock biosecurity approved training provider. Approval of courses in pest and disease management. The test must be undertaken by yourself and completed within the 12 months of your next registration period commencing after 18 April 2019 and then every three years.

Cancel registration, change ownership, and change details

Compete the Change of ownership or address form (PDF 147.1 KB) if you have:

  • sold or disposed of all your hives and wish to cancel your registration
  • purchased hives
  • changed your address or other contact details. Note that beekeepers must notify the Chief Inspector in writing within 14 days of changing their postal address.


Registration fees and hive contributions are based on the number of hives you keep.

Fees for keeping 1 to 4 hives:

  • No charge for registrations and renewals.
  • No charge for hive contributions.

Fees for keeping 5 hives or more:

  • An annual registration payment.
  • A hive contribution of $1 per hive. These contributions go to the Apiary Industry Fund.
  • A late fee is charged for all registration renewals submitted after the registration expiry date.

Current fees are detailed in the:

Hive identification

All hives must be branded with a 3 letter hive identification code issued when you first register.

The hive identification code must:

  • Be placed in the centre of an exposed vertical face of the hive. Where the face of the hive has previously been marked with a code, any subsequent code allocated to the hive must be marked on the same vertical face, the first being placed in the top left hand corner of that face, and each subsequently allocated code being placed in the next corner proceeding clockwise.
  • Be burned, stencilled, embossed, carved or etched onto the face of the hive, or inscribed on a metal plate secured to the face of the hive.
  • Have each character of the code at least 30 millimetres in height.
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