Finfish escape register

Table of Finfish Escapes - as at 30 June 2014

DateSpeciesEstimated number escapedEstimated weight
26 June 2014Kingfish200360 kg (adults)
03 March 2014Kingfish40-60240-270g (fingerlings)
25 October 2013Kingfish1220 kg
14 December 2012Kingfish200I kg
17 June 2012Kingfish5008 months old
28 May 2012Kingfish3002.4 kg
26 May 2012Kingfish502.2 kg
18 May 2012Kingfish100400g
23 February 2012Kingfish300-40013 months old
30 October 2011Kingfish30 
17 June 2011Kingfish50-100700-765 g
15 April 2011SBT318 kg
19 July 2010Kingfish10-15 
30 December 2009Kingfish2003 – 3.5 kg
1 December 2009Kingfish1503.6 kg
25 November 2009Kingfish1226 g
24 November 2009Kingfish2503.6 kg
23 November 2009Kingfish203.6 kg
6 October 2009Kingfish1503-6kg
23 June 2009Kingfish5001.15kg
18 June 2009Kingfish153kg
26 March 2009Kingfish30-500.55kg
16 October 2008Kingfish50-1000.9kg
8 July 2008Kingfish250-3001.5kg
18 April 2008Kingfish203.8kg
4 February 2008Kingfish1000.35kg
22 January 2008Kingfish33-4kg
4 January 2008Kingfish60300.05kg
30 October 2007Kingfish80-1003.78kg
5 June 2007Mulloway20-301kg
31 May 2007Kingfish5-103.7kg
21 May 2007Kingfish17kg
3 March 2007Kingfish5000.64kg
2 December 2006Mulloway101.5kg
23 November 2006Mulloway50-600.85kg
24 October 2006Yellowtail Kingfish50-1003.9kg
5 May 2006Yellowtail Kingfish10,000 but 8,500 recovered0.97 kg
8 February 2006Mulloway990000.2 kg
19 January 2006Yellowtail Kingfish250-3003 kg
14 December 2005Yellowtail Kingfish5002 kg
8 December 2005Yellowtail Kingfish50-702.1 kg
6 December 2005Yellowtail Kingfish102.6kg
18 October 2005Yellowtail Kingfish

A report has been made that during rough weather a small portion of net headline dropped below the water level. Whilst minimal in scale the operating company has indicated that there was potential for fish escape.

The incident was reported immediately to PIRSA Aquaculture, and it appears at this stage that there has not been any fish lost from the cage in question.

4 February 2005Mulloway400000.21 kg
2 February 2005Yellowtail Kingfish30390 but 4000 recovered2.38 kg
21 November 2003Yellowtail Kingfish46761.5 kg
31 July 2003Yellowtail Kingfish24232.0 kg
18 June 2003Yellowtail Kingfish4480.15 kg
6 April 2003Yellowtail Kingfish11949 but 5400 recovered2.5 kg
31 January 2003Yellowtail Kingfish5000 lost but all recovered1.7 kg
31 January 2003Yellowtail Kingfish14380.019 kg
16 September 2002Yellowtail Kingfish5693.3 kg
9 May 2002Yellowtail Kingfish55000.5 kg
23 July 2001Yellowtail Kingfish5360.72 kg
Second quarter 2001Yellowtail Kingfish4500.1 kg
1 June 2001Yellowtail Kingfish8961.02 kg
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