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Agricultural and wine industries in South Australia contribute in excess of A$5 billion production value and more than double this in value adding to the economy of the state.

The State Strategic Plan guides the sector in developing programs and legislation to support industry development.

Premium Food and Wine from our Clean Environment 

Premium Food and Wine from our Clean Environment seeks to capitalise on the State’s existing reputation for high-quality products. It is one of the South Australian Government’s seven strategic priorities. The priority, led by PIRSA, is driving government actions to support the development of the food and wine sectors and to increase consumer recognition of local products. 


South Australia has an internationally competitive food industry. The Government of South Australia works in partnership with Food SA and food industry leaders to set the strategic direction for the growth and development of an internationally competitive food industry. View information about:

  • The Premium Food and Wine from our Clean Environment Action Plan - describes the intent of the strategic priority and sets out a common direction for Government, industry and regions to shape activities to be delivered to support the growth and recognition of our food, wine, beverage and agriculture industries.
  • SA Food ScoreCard - evaluates the contribution made by the food and beverage industry to South Australia's economy from production to consumption for field crops, horticulture, livestock, dairy, seafood, and wine. The ScoreCard is released annually.

Genetically modified crops

PIRSA regulates the growing of genetically modified crops in South Australia to ensure that specific requirements are satisfied to avoid impacts on market access and to preserve the identity of food crops. Information about the current legislation and the GM Crop Advisory Committee, and details of current crop sites and exemption notices are included here.


The Grains Group provides policy and strategic directions for grains and grains-related industries, focusing on global market opportunities and value-adding processes. Details about supply and demand, challenges and opportunities for animal feeds, pasta and co-products, malt and beverage, biofuels, food oils, bakery, noodles and co-products and whole grain foods (including pulses) can be found here. Monthly Crop and Pasture Reports are also published to this site.

Grape and wine

PIRSA's Grape and Wine Group work with industry and the Government of South Australia, to develop all facets of the industry, from grape growing through to wine marketing. Information about the role and membership of the South Australian Wine Industry Council (SAWIC) is included here, and details about the wine industry funds, including payment structures and relevant forms for statements of contribution and refund requests.


Horticulture industry development is facilitated by the horticulture team, working with industry to develop and implement industry strategic plans. Project reports are published here, and information about the Horticulture Industry Development Board including membership and strategic development framework.

Livestock and animal health

Livestock industry development is facilitated through industry advisory groups - information about the alpaca, apiary, cattle, deer, goat, horse, pig and sheep groups is included on this site. Market access and livestock productivity, public health and consumer confidence is facilitated through PIRSA's Animal Health Program. Information about specific diseases, guidelines for disease management and control, including restrictions and requirements for the movement of livestock, including relevant health certificates and other forms such as statements and declarations of disease-free status, and registration requirements is available on the site.


Facilitating the achievement of priority outcomes to support South Australia’s seafood industries’ pursuit of production targets and capitalise on value adding and market opportunities.

For Further Information

In addition to the Agriculture, Food and Wine division's role in developing and regulating specific industries, the division contributes to:

Policy development and strategies for industry development are informed by research conducted by the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI).

Support for primary industries is provided by the PIRSA business unit, Rural Solutions South Australia (RSSA). RSSA provides specialised consultancy services in agriculture, agribusiness and natural resource management.