Future directions - Government

1981 -  Review of Research Centres.  Portfolio change
Sub-divisional potential of Northfield, Parafield recognised
Closure – Parndana, Wanbi, Blackwood, Winkler Est.
Parafield Research Centre closed and Research carried out at Roseworthy
New Investment – Struan, Loxton,Turretfield, Minnipa, Lenswood
New Dairy Research Centre - Flaxley

Arriving at co-location

1988 - Possible move of Northfield staff to Roseworthy did not proceed
1989 - Review – Northfield staff to go to Waite Campus
Planning – John Radcliffe (Agriculture, later CSIRO), Harold Woolhouse (U of A Waite Director) and Ted Henzell (CSIRO)
1992 - Collocation Agreement signed – Lynn Arnold (SA Government), Kevin Marjoribanks (U of A), John Stocker (CSIRO)

Principle – sharing of facilities – like staff collocated.  Each agency built part of the total complex

The 1990s

South Australian Research and Development Institute from research components of Departments of Agriculture and Fisheries

Cooperative Research Centres successfully established:-

  • Soil and Land Management
  • Viticulture
  •  Weed Science
  • Molecular Plant Breeding etc

New commercial Joint Ventures (JVs) – eg Australian Grain Technologies
University Faculty of Agriculture merged with Science

Much informal collaboration but no longer a resident Director of the Waite Institute

Main aspects of the era

Rural adjustment programs seen as essential
Role of agriculture in the suture State economy
Retreat from regionalisation
Limits of legume-based agriculture
   > Native Vegetation Authority
High interest rates
Climate - drought, floods, bushfire
Live sheep export industry
Wool and livestock industries move to selective breeding
Viticulture industry becomes more market driven
Adjustment in irrigated horticulture
Decline of the wool industry
   > The floor price scheme
Deregulation of markets
Pastoral industry revolutionised
Agriculture becomes more self-supporting
Fodder exports become significant
Formation of PISA and then the creation of PIRSA
Restructuring of research
   > Increased collaboration and collocation in research
   > Move to Waite campus
   > Creation of SARDI
Media and ministerial advisers take precedence over the Department