Further development at Urrbrae

1955 - Australian Wine Research Institute established  
1958 - CSIRO Soils moved into new facilities, Waite Road. Increased interest in soil microbiology, root diseases 
1963 - CSIRO Division of Horticulture (major viticulture emphasis – breeding, mechanical harvesting)(Other CSIRO Divisions: Mathematical Statistics [Cornish – Wheat Yields]; Water Resources [Alison – Groundwater Studies])

Central laboratories for Department of Agriculture

1957 - Allan Callaghan suggested Bedford Park to Tom Playford (unsuccessful as later became Flinders University)
1958 - Northfield Mental Hospital Farm secured leading to the Northfield Laboratories and Research Centre (Soil science, legume breeding, cereal varietal testing, weed science, entomology, dairy technology; dairy research; Northfield Horticulture Unit; Northfield Pig Research Unit; Artificial Breeding Board)
1960 - Parafield Poultry Centre upgraded

Main aspects of the era

Rural reconstruction
Wool boom
Soldier settlement schemes
   > Irrigated horticulture - Loxton
   > Dryland - Kangaroo Island, South East
   > Allocating land
Private sector investment in settlement
   > Nintey-Mile Desert Scheme
Micronutrient research - the basis of land settlement
Legume agriculture-dryland farming
Role of private sector consultants
Widespread mechanisation of all agriculture
Impact of university and Roseworthy graduates
Quarantine issues
   > Fruit fly
   > Plague locusts
   > Weeds
Automation begins to supersede manual systems
Changed relationship with media, impact of television