An oral history interview program was commissioned in 2003 to record the experiences and reminiscences of key contributors to the department’s history, including former ministers, directors and staff. Most of the initial 19 interviews recorded specifically for the Agriculture History Project are available below. The J.D. Somerville Collection in the State Library of South Australia has the original recordings and the duplicate set of tapes used by PIRSA during the transcription process will be lodged with State Records in due course.

Barrow, Peter
Peter Barrow transcript (PDF 188kb)
Peter Barrow transcript (html)

Peter Barrow logsheet (PDF 24kb)

Bywaters, Gabe
Gabe Bywaters transcript (PDF 132kb)
Gabe Bywaters transcript (html)

Gabe Bywaters logsheet (PDF 30kb)

Dillon, Trevor
Trevor Dillon transcript (PDF 162kb)
Trevor Dillon transcript (html)

Trevor Dillon logsheet (PDF 36kb)

Fawcett, Bob
Bob Fawcett transcript (PDF 84kb)
Bob Fawcett logsheet (html)

Bob Fawcett logsheet (PDF 17kb)

Feagan, John
John Feagan transcript (PDF 245kb) 
John Feagan transcript (html)

John Feagan logsheet (PDF 23kb)

Geytenbeek, Peter
Peter Geytenbeek transcript (PDF 105kb)
Peter Geytenbeek transcript (html)

Peter Geytenbeek logsheet (PDF 29kb)

McColl, Jim
Jim McColl transcript (PDF 323kb)
Jim McColl transcript (html)

Jim McColl logsheet (PDF 57kb)

Michelmore, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Michelmore transcript (PDF 82kb)
Elizabeth Michelmore transcript (html)

Elizabeth Michelmore logsheet (PDF 28kb)

Miller, Tom
Tom Miller transcript (PDF 286kb)
Tom Miller transcript (html)

Tom Miller logsheet (PDF 32kb)

Norman, Geoff
Geoff Norman transcript (PDF 82kb)
Geoff Norman transcript (html)

Geoff Norman logsheet (PDF 24kb)

Radcliffe, Dr John
Dr John Radcliffe transcript (PDF 332kb)
Dr John Radcliffe transcript (html)

Dr John Radcliffe logsheet (PDF 43kb)

Roberts, Trevor
Trevor Roberts transcript (PDF 287kb)
Trevor Roberts transcript (html)

Trevor Roberts logsheet (PDF 25kb)

Tideman, Arthur
Arthur Tideman transcript (PDF 395kb)  
Arthur Tideman transcript (html)

Arthur Tideman logsheet (PDF 61kb)

Walker, Lex
Lex Walker transcript (PDF 129kb)
Lex Walker transcript (html)

Lex Walker Logsheet (PDF 21kb)



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