<P>No outbreaks of Qfly were detected during the summer of 1947-48. There were, however, two outbreaks of Med fly. The first outbreak was found in the Clarence ParkWayville area on 23 January, and was the first recording of Medfly in South Australia. This outbreak was found as a result of a housewife reporting maggots in apricots.</P>
<P>The Government decided promptly to initiate an eradication program but with increased use of DDT as a cover spray. For the first time, a map setting out the eradication boundary was published in ‘The Advertiser’.</P>
<P>The finding on 2 February of large numbers of adult Medflies in traps, and later of maggots to the vest of the eradication area, required an extension of the previous outbreak area. The eradication area was extended further on 20 February when maggots were found in Angas St. Adelaide. The area was increased to include the nearby suburbs of Hackney, Kent Town, Norwood, Rose Park and Dulwich.</P>
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